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Its very brave of you to make obnoxious characters by the way I notice you had a version of Raphaella in the never started Save the Empire game.

Yeah. I always like having a bit of inner party strife that has to be worked on in story. lol I take it that I can edit that in then?


Sure if you want to After all, ebony is expensive and a luxury wood, not something you use on a ship so she could easily have made that mistake wheras Raphaela no doubt has ebony carved elephants as decorations back home and may have dropped one in water in the past. Not that it really matters, Griselda will give you many more chances in the future, until she builds up more self confidence

As an intelectual exercise I was trying to figure out what would happen if I made food and drink out of ectoplasm It only lasts an hour but I could keep making it and an hout is enough for partial digestion, so eventually if done long enough people would be entirely made out of temporary matter. And evaporate the next time I decided to take a nap :P

That is...horrible and awesome. Horriblawesome? Is that a thing? It should be.

The best way to think of it is imagine what would happen if you started a fire using wood created from ectoplasm. It would burn for a while, maybe even completely, but once it's time is up it would vanish. The body doesn't burn fuel as rapidly as a fire, so you would feel full for an hour and then *poof* empty again. Most solid foods stay in the stomach for around an hour as they break down into something the body can process. nutrients are absorbed primarily in the intestines, not the stomach. Any nutrients absorbed would vanish at the appointed time, potentially seriously disrupting the cellular processes.

For those who can't quite picture the longboat and sail configuration, here's something similar to what you would be using (yours is much, much smaller of course):


dear god, i can eat all the chocolate i want and never get fat!!! *faints*

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