From The Crack

From The Crack

The dust is difficult to
all creatures will have concealment until the dust settles. -2 to attacks.
see through, but they can make out the forms of
large rats with bony protrusions entering the room through the newly formed crack.

The rats seem to be having just as much difficulty seeing through the haze as the former humans. Still, they manage to spot their prey. They wouldn't normally just attack outright, but since they are hungry and already exposed, they snarl and squeal menacingly at the heroes.


'More rats?' Vicky mentally shudders. 'Whoever wades in there will surely eat teeth...'

She glances back at the others.

'... I might have gone mental at some point,' she suggests to herself as she moves up to the bunch of rats. Six swift steps is all it takes to stand face-to-face with them -- or perhaps foot-to-face. Vicky raises her sword and ... braces herself for the swarm of teeth.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

After John recovers from the shake the noise he heard he knew right away they were more rats. 'This place is infected with rats.' as John walks around the corner and seeing Vicky ready for battle. 'Big ones this time.' John drew his sword and raised his hand out in front of him to use his psychic attack.

Jack curses under his breath as he scrambles back onto his feet, then rushes up to help Vicky.

Jack Fox stumbles a bit as he unleashes his dragon's breath on the rats. Though he hits most of his targets, he finds he has stumbled into a slightly different position than he had originally planned.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Grumbling under his breath, Jared climbs to his feet, and then scampers up to the corner.

"Oh... I wonder why they have bones through their skin like that... it can't be comfortable." With his eyes watering due to the dust, Jared raises his rod and shadows, almost hidden in the depths of the dust, stream towards the rats.


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