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Allyria cries out in pain, using her newfound resilience to shrug off some of the damage. The visions of horror, though, wrack her mind. Why is this happening? Aren't the rats dangerous enough already? She wonders. With another swing of her sword, she projects a vision of the other rats biting the rat that is biting her. If successful, it will turn on its companions before it realizes its mistake.

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ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan eyes clear and a clarity seems to come return to them despite, or perhaps because of, the horrible images of the last plane of evil. With a renewed vigor he swings his glaive in large arcs punctuating each swing with an oath, "Get... off... my... chicken!"

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"There's something evil about this place," he mutters as hacked bits of rodent shower the wide hallway. "First those burning obsidian rocks and now this vision of hell. Maybe accepting that offer wasn't the best idea after all."

As his blade connects with one of the many rats he feels a satisfying but solid thunk.

"There's something weird about that
rat 6
he does his best to indicate the more dangerous creature in the bunch. "It's tough... too tough... tougher than the rest at least."


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