From The Crack


From The Crack - Round 3

Allyria cries out in pain, using her newfound resilience to shrug off some of the damage. The visions of horror, though, wrack her mind. Why is this happening? Aren't the rats dangerous enough already? She wonders.

John shakes the feeling of being dazed off, 'So this is how these demons want to play.' John growls at the blood being spilled and finds an opening beside Vicky and swings his sword looking for revenge. He cuts into the rat, but only hurts it enough to make it angry.

Although the demonic images strike Jared as hard as the others he brushes off the after-effects quickly... what's a demon down there, going to do to them up here... anyway, Jared can summon things to scare and frighten as well... with a little luagh he points his rod -

"Sick 'em, boy" calls out Jared, but he misses with his shadowy attack.

Vicky almost panics, overpowered by the rats and the sudden fearful vision. 'No, not again,' she steels herself. She draws at all the voices at once, restoring some of both her own and Jack's resilience. With an extraordinary effort, she releases a burst of spirits at the closest rats, attempting to trap them close to her. Most of her attacks miss, but at least one connects successfully.

Jack Fox swings his weapon powerfully at the rat in front of him. His gauntlets of Ogre Power begin to glow as the enhance his attack, making it strike harder than it would have, but the rat still stands. These rodents are tough customers. With another swing of her sword, Allyria projects a vision of the other rats biting the rat that is biting her. If successful, it will turn on its companions before it realizes its mistake. Confused, the creature does indeed turn on the rat next to Vicky. It bites and tears at the creature's throat opening up a horrible looking wound.

ZhuGuan's eyes clear and a clarity seems to come return to them despite, or perhaps because of, the horrible images of the last plane of evil. With a renewed vigor he swings his glaive in large arcs punctuating each swing with an oath, "Get... off... my... chicken!"

"There's something evil about this place," he mutters as hacked bits of rodent shower the wide hallway. "First those burning obsidian rocks and now this vision of hell. Maybe accepting that offer wasn't the best idea after all."

When he is finished, two of the rats lie dead. For a second Guan looks pleased with himself, then the horrors he saw in his mind begin to replay. The visions are horrid, and without even realizing what he is doing he has dropped his weapon to the ground. He begins raking his own face with his fingernails,
5 damage
tearing at his skin with wide-eyed horror. To onlookers, it looks as if Guan is trying to scratch out his own eyes, and the trail of blood starting to pour from his face would indicate that he will be successful if he keeps at it.

The four remaining rats pick their targets.
Dire Rat 1
One attacks Vicky, but it misses. The other
2, 4 & 5
three all choose to gang up on Jack Fox, but none of them find a way through his defenses.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Grumbling about the failure of his last attack and squinting against the effects of the dust, Jared takes a step forward and with a gesture again sends dark shadows, concealed figures cavorting in their depths, streaming at the rats.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John looks at the "man" made wall'There's nothing that we can't cut thru, I finally understand how warriors get so close to each other.' John swings his sword with a growl.


The feeling of despair is -- fortunately for Vicky -- fading fast. Her next strike carries much more strength and confidence than the last, bloodying one of the rats. She shifts aside, making room for ZhuGuan from behind.

A glimpse behind her makes her wonder what is happening -- is the elf trying to claw out his own eyes? She hopes he not has gone mad. For now, there is little she can do about it, save hope.

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