Jun Chun Xun

Jun Chun Xun

Personal Data
Name: Jun Chun Xun
Alias: Tripwire (Hacker alias)
Player: Jack (just_jack)
Plot Points: 3
Afraid d6
Angry d6
Exhausted d10
Insecure d6
Injured 0

Values & Relationships
Duty d4 My DUTY is to do what is best for my country.
Glory d4 I achieve GLORY when I honor my family and myself.
Justice d6 JUSTICE is a lost cause.
Love d10 LOVE is worth the cost!
Power d10 POWER is the means to an end.
Truth* d4 Finding the TRUTH is my ultimate goal.
Aina Moore d6 She must either be saved from herself or eliminated to save others.
Mopsa Mullet d6 She's much more dangerous than I originally thought.
Walter d6 He's a friend... for the moment.
Lillian d8 She needs to stay out of my business.
Rachael O'Mally d10 I'll do whatever she wants.
Constance Treadwell d4 Always bugging me to be his R.A. Not interested, unless she puts something on the table...
Cory Smith d4 He needs to fulfill his obligations to my employer at all costs!
"The Ministry" d4 - I'll do what they say, as long as they keep sending the paychecks.
Frank Bond d6 - He better do as he's told!
Mr. Blue* d4 - N/A
* Challenged (once per asterisk.)

AssetsHeritage: Cybernetic Systems d10 Limit: Electricity
d4: Earn a Plot Point when your Abilities are Shutdown by technological interference.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to directly interface with another piece of technology.
Portable Force Field Emitter (Force Field) d6 Descriptor: Energy, Limit: Gear
o Entrap another character in a force field.
o Keep all forms of gas in or out of the field; this can provide a bubble of breathable air in an airless environment or keep harmful gases in or out.
o Fly short distances in a force bubble.
o Slip out of grasp of an adversary.
Cloaking Device (Invisibility) d6
o Hide for an entire scene to listen in without being noticed.
o Turn another person or object invisible for a scene. | Disappear and escape from a scene.
Duplication (Descriptor: Clones, Limit: Split Attention) d4
o Create a duplicate with one of your Abilities, stepped back by one.
o Spend additional Plot Points to give your dupe additional abilities.
o Have a stashed dupe in a convenient place you've been in before.
o "Share" Stress across dupes, splitting die steps among them.
Super-Strength (Descriptor: Muscles, Limit: Electricity) d4
o Perform a fantastic feat of strength.
Genius d8
d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you've studied a subject and know its basics.
d8: Earn a Plot Point to Add a d6 to Trouble when you assume others can't follow your complicated thinking.
Hacker d6
d4: Add a d6 to the Trouble pool to Reroll a die in a HACKER roll.
Big Brother d6
d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reveal that you have video or audio surveillance of a Lead or Feature.
Backhanded d4
d4: Earn a Plot Point for another Lead and Increase your ANGRY or INSECURE Stress pool against him.
Vicious d6
d4: Add a d6 to the Trouble pool to Increase your ANGRY or AFRAID Stress pool.
Stubborn (as "Willful") d4 | d4: Earn a Plot Point to Add a d6 to Trouble when you put your foot down.

Extras & Locations
Yun Kim 2d6 Resources, Information
Team Wolfpack 2d4 Covert Ops, Mercenaries
United States Robotics 2d8 High-tech, Repair
The Observatory 2d4 Quiet, Secluded
Abandoned DARPA Lab 2d4 Technology, Secrets

Growth Pool2d6


Origin Story:

Note: I'm intentionally leaving out a lot of specifics here, because I'd prefer that they're discovered through game play.

Jun was selected by an unknown Chinese ministry at 5 years of age because he was something of a savant with computers and science. Instead of attending a normal high school, the Chinese organization took him and trained him especially to be what he is. His entire family was also taken into shelter. The organization took special pains to cover his identity, and all records in China would indicate that he lived a relatively normal life. E.g. he has normal high school transcripts, birth records, place of residence, etc on record.

When he completed his training at 18, they moved him to [insert university name here] in [insert American city here] and continued to give him a cover story. They gave him employment at U.S. Robotics, with a full college scholarship to pursue scientific studies abroad.

Before attending college, he was "employed" by U.S. Robotics as part of their agreement. In reality, during this time, he was undergoing grueling physical surgery to install top-secret cybernetics. Even today, he undergoes occasional maintenance there as well as software and hardware upgrades. U.S. Robotics also gives him the resources to develop his own gadgets. (This is where he gets his "gear" from.)

His immediate family (mother, father and brother) was brought with him as part of the company's "incentive package." He is now attending school and awaiting orders from his source, Yun Kim, who resides in China.

Concept Pictures:

Jun Xun:

Yun Kim:

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minors: Information Technology, Physics
Likes: Peace & Quiet. Intelligent conversations. Respect. Tradition.
Dislikes: Noisy places. Braggarts. Disrespect. Nontraditional, overly liberal or out-of-the-norm ideas.
  • Doesn't understand American idioms. Messes them up.
  • Likes to look nerdy - ex; doesn't need glasses, but wears them anyway.
  • Plays Dungeons & Dragons every Friday night.

OH wow. Lillian + Jun = complete discord. Delicious. I'm adjusting Lilly's opinion of him RIGHT NOW.

I just answered them. Sorry. I don't even notice when I get PMs on this site. It doesn't mKW the usual ruckus that most forums do when you get a message.

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