Mopsa "Mop" Mullet

Mopsa "Mop" Mullet

Personal Data
Name: Mopsa "Mop" Mullet
Alias: Macha
Player: Mark
Plot Points: 3Afraid 0
Angry 0
Exhausted 0
Insecure 0
Injured 0

Values & Relationships
Duty d8 Help somebody, if you can.
Glory d8 I'm worth something and I'll prove it
Justice d6 A man has to answer for the wicked that he does
Love d10 Friends are family
Power d4 Only worth what you do with it.
Truth d6 The more I know the more I can help
Walter D6 Too focused on his gizmos
Aina d6 She'll do what's right
Jun d6 Smart but kind of odd. I wonder if he's as uncomfortable in the States as I am?
Lillian D8 She needs guidance
Racheal "Badb" O'Mally D6 I don't know why she hates me...
Professor Smith D6 He's a goo person
Mr. Blue D4 If he's family then I have to look out for him.

Likable d8 Triggers & Conditions
Weapons Master d6 Triggers & Conditions
Superspeed d4 Perform multiple (non-Test or non-Contest) activities in the time it takes others to perform a single activity. Join a scene or switch to a new scene regardless of
distance. Change direction quickly to zip around an obstacle you
have avoided; you may use this obstacle as a d8 Useful
Magacil Legacy d8 Triggers & Conditions
something to prove (reskin of guilty) d4 Triggers & Conditions

Extras & Locations
Mr. Blue 2d4 Specialties
Laura "Morrigan" Macintire 2d6 Magic, paranormal lore
Racheal "Badb" O'Mally 2d6 Magic, Motivation
Dorm Building 6 2d4 Studying, relaxing
LocationName Dice Specialties

Ordinary, Jock, Paranormal, Ethical, Destiny

Life Changing Event: Destiny: Mopsa was trained by Laura Macintire in the ways of magic from a fairly young age along with a number of other girls. Upon her graduation from Secondary school and entrance to university Laura called her and her least favorite “sister” to meet her in secret. There she told them about a prophecy she had, the three of them would form a new version of the Morrígna, a Trinity of Irish Goddesses of War. Mopsa was declared Macha, Goddess of Horses, Soverenty, and Protection in War. A year later Laura had the two girls apply to study abroad in the US, following one of her visions. She is now attending (School) and has recently felt a pull to moonlight as a Vigilante.

Personality: Friendly, hyper, and bubbly. With a strong desire to prove herself at anything she goes, a thin skin, and extroverted nature.

Appearance: Round faced, with freckles, Big Blue eyes, and standing at just barely five feet Mop looks the part of the cute kid sister. Usually found in comfortable athletic clothes and never, under any circumstances in anything that could be considered “girly”.



Major: Dual, Religion and Anthropology.

Tution paid by: Fencing Scholorship.

Favorite Band: Queen.

Favorite food: Oranges

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