Chapter 1 - Adrift

Griselda winces at Raphaella's taunt but speaks nothing in response, she is far too busy trying to figure out the most efficient way to keep the small craft under sail for as long as possible.

'If there is a way to replace items before they disappear then we could sail all the time or close to it. I would not be able to do anything much except create replacement parts but we would have more time under sail. Also, practice. The more we do this the faster we will get at it. The question though is which way to sail. With the sail, even part time, our speed will be considerably faster so we have more options, about 3 times faster I do believe. The sisters if I work it right should be about 2 days sailing if the wind smiles on us.' '

Griselda sits and ponders how best to organise the order of her conjuring to make the replacement of the parts easier and spend most time under sail.

'With containers full of water we could use weight to try and stabilise the boat some too perhaps, and we could adjust our seating and the objects on board to help with that.'

RolloRollo tried to find other ways to help enhance their means of transportation. "Maybe if we had another source of raw materials..." he mused, while
Knowledge (nature) :
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 7 (Total = 11)
trying to recall what kinds of sea creatures they could hunt

While numerous creatures come to mind, none are remotely feasible given the lack of a stable platform or decent weapons.


'We only need to keep this up for a few days. It's going to be hard but we can do it. We've been in bad scrapes before, and survived. All we have to do is keep rebuilding this and pick a direction. I vote for these sisters because they are not very far, but going back to the islands we passed 3 days ago works too. Those are inhabitted and the we don't know about the sisters. So it's west back the way we came, which was 3 days sail in the Sea Breeze, but will be a bit longer for with the sail. There were the Sisters, a couple of days away but no guarantee of what we find there. The mainland is likely too far to head for directly. And I suspect following the Sea Breeze is dangerous as we won't be able to catch up and we don't know how far or where they are going exactly.'


Raphaela glanced over to the unconscious
how many are there?
men laid out on the floor. Not really to evaluate them, but buy some time as she tried to figure out why was Brenden so... expressive with his opinion of her so suddenly. She had thought that among those here, he would be more inclined to favor her as she complemented his songs a few times on the Sea Breeze and spoken some even. Was she really being so impudent? "Indeed, I am no physician," she paused so that Brenden would know the correct word, but put no stress on it as to not sound like it was a correction. "But... I'll see what I can do."

Raphaela carefully made her way beside the injured sailors and
take 20 on perception
looked over them for any signs of bruises that needed treated or cracked
mostly ribs, yes cracked. not broken, cause broken bones are easy to spot, lest its the ribs. Which she is checking too.
bones. As she meticulously looked the downed sailors over she spoke, to no one yet to all. "Forgive me... for earlier." she said, though grudgingly. "I've just lost a lot." but as the words left her mouth she realized that in actuality, she lost little compared to them, who truly lost everything. Her life would not be changed once she gets back home. They don't have one. Poor sods. With thought, she went about
Dice Roll: 1d20+1
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 4)
tending to any wound on the unconscious that she could.

Brenden Morri"The Sisters, then." He laid his weight into the oar as he said it, forcing it through the water. As he drew it back, he turned his head to follow Raphaela's efforts. When she spoke of loss he offered a nod in response, pausing in his efforts. "We all have. You aren't without my sympathy for that. Don't think of what I've said as a judgment so much as a suggestion. We're apt to meet the most unsavory sorts if we live through these next few days. It doesn't do well to speak your mind in our situation."

He grimaced in response to her efforts, silently thankful that his injuries were minor. "Doesn't seem good. In truth they may outlast us all what with their needing less food. He touched the back of his head, checking the tenderness of the bump there. "Saw a man sleep like that for weeks on the Renegade. Came back but he wasn't the same."

Garnett, a dark-skinned affable half-elf who put up the biggest fight during the mutiny, has multiple injuries and hasn't moved since being loaded onto the longboat. Avedis, a black-skinned mwangi halfling who served as the ship's surgeon groans as Raphaela crudely examines his severely bruised head.

Tempest Stormborn

She furrowed her brow slightly as Raphaela rejoined with more of her stinging snubs and jibes. She was glad she had the work of the mast to busy her hands and focus her. She looked up when the woman addressed her directly meeting the her gaze evenly though her face was neutral her eyes still betrayed some of the dislike she had for her attitude. I have an affinity with the winds somewhat, aye. And Tempest has been my name all my life, since I was born of the storms. she added with a grin.

She turned her attention to the rudder as the sail took shape, as she did her face lightened, she felt once more hope and the freedom of the ocean. As the sheet began to fill with the wind's embrace she laughed with joy grinning at each of her fellows her eyes sparkling. That was till the first correction was needed and then her face turn to concentration and the true work began, thought her eyes still held the sparkle and her lips claimed a grin from time to time.

Listening to Griselda, Tempest thinks to herself a moment before asking, Aye balance is a worry, especially if the winds pick up or change. Don't suppose you could create some form of keel? But then how would we attach it? And that would take up more time...we should be fine if we all use our weight to balance less the winds pick up more.

But we need a definite heading, however easy she sails now that could change. If we go back to to the island where we know there are folk, maybe manage to get weapons, supplies before heading on to try and track the Breeze...but with out money....
she shrugs Or we risk the Sisters...maybe folk there maybe nothing, but it seemed Rytur was heading that way, we follow him now and the trail is warmer but as Griselda points out more back or east to the sisters? I'm with Brenden, head for the sisters.

She watches Raphaela out the corner of her eye attempting to tend to the others, at least she was doing something she grudgingly allowed holding the strain of the tiller.

RolloRollo wasn't about to let the bard prove himself the manliest by rowing alone... he grunted "the sisters" and took up rowing hard enough that his muscles would show. His mind continued to mull over an idea and he tried to
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 7)
scan for sea-life on the water.

Through the morning the small crew sails. After the confusion, and adjustments from the first changeover things quickly settle down into a routine.

While under sail the longboat fairly skips across the water, forcing the oars to be shipped. Except when maneuvering the ship or assembling the sail the castaway crew finds themselves with little to do. Having decided on a northeasterly course the strain on the makeshift tiller is low, allowing Tempest to relax against it's pull. Rollo's keen sense of direction keeps the boat more or less pointed in the right direction as he stands near the bow, scanning the waters for life beneath.

Raphaela is able to make the wounded more comfortable but the gnome, Cricket, remains fixated on the horizon despite all that has happened.

With a destination and Brenden's songs and tales the crew's morale is high.

Griselda begins to feel the strain on her mind as the sun peaks in the sky, the ectoplasm beginning to form less readily to her call. Avedis, the halfling surgeon rouses as well, looking very confused.

"Wher're we?" he mumbles, sitting up unsteadily.

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