Brother Obadiah

Brother Obadiah


Stat Dice: 17d6
Trait Dice: 1d4 4d6 2d8
Relationship Dice: 4d6 2d8


Body: 4d6
Acuity: 5d6
Will: 6d6
Heart: 2d6


I'm a dog 1d6
I'm a crackshot 1d8
I am cruel against major sins 1d4
Great horseman 1d8
Incredible fist fighter 2d6
Hard as rock will 1d6

Relationships (Dice remaining: 1d6 1d8)

Blood 1d6
Brother John, converted Atheist best friend 2d6

Well crafted handgun 2d6+1d4
Beautiful Bright Red and Yellow Coat 2d6
Horse 1d6

Hi Luke,

That looks pretty good, but I make it that you have only used 15 of your stat dice, you have a further 2d6 still to allocate.

I might have coloured the traits up a bit, making 'Nearly unphasable' into something like 'Ice water in my veins', but they seem fine.

Any thoughts about a possible Conflict for your initiation?

Fixed the stat problem, and my conflict will be I hope to be able to find compassion for my constantly sinning father.

How do you want to frame that conflict? Revisiting your father during your training? Discussing your feelings for your father with one of the Dogs training you?

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