Lillian Westwick

Lillian Westwick

Personal Data
Name: Lillian Westwick
Alias: Character's Alias
Player: Rich
Growth: 1d10
Plot Points: 6
Afraid 0
Angry 0
Exhausted d6
Insecure 0
Injured d6

Values & Relationships
Duty d6 My Duty is to help my Magical Gal Pals, everyone else is secondary (or worse).C
Glory d8 Glory is still my opiate, I crave it.
Justice d4 Justice has a price. I can afford it.
Love d6 Love is not in the cards
Power d10 Power is my first answer to problems.
Truth d6 Truth is what I say it is.

Mopsa Whelan d10 Mopsa is a stick in the mud and rather testy.C
Jun Chun Kun d6 He is a cocky SOB who needs to be taken down a notch.
Aina Moore d10 I don't even know what's up.
Walter Brower d8 Wally needs to stay away from Aina.
Laura MacIntire d6 She has more to teach me.
Mr Blue d6 He is still an honorable man.
Frank Bond d6 Total sleazeball.
Penny d6 She is the key to keeping Wally away from Aina.

Wealthy d8 Spend a Plot Point to Reroll one die in a Contest or Test swayable by money; Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you own a large non-unique item such as a car, call center, or evil corporation as a d8 Useful Detail.
Artistic d6 Earn a Plot Point when you inconveniently Choose to stop and admire fine art.
Attractive d10 d4: Earn a Plot Point when your looks draw you unwanted attention. d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in an Attractive roll.
Impulsive d6 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you act rashly. d8: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to Interfere in a Contest. d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die when acting first would work to your advantage.
Illusions d10 Visual, Limit of concentration
Special Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
▼▼ Create an illusion scary enough to Increase an Afraid or Insecure Stress pool.
▼▼ Create illusions that appear for all characters in a scene.
▼▼ Create an illusion of a scene, changing the surroundings.
▼▼ Create an illusion pleasing enough to Decrease an Afraid or Insecure Stress pool
▼▼ Create illusory outfit, look or costume that lasts for an entire scene.
Earth Control d8 Stone manipulation, Limit: Must Be Grounded;
Special Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
▼▼ Create a sweep effect of quakes that inflicts Exhausted or Afraid Stress.
▼▼ Raise a barrier of stone before you or others, Decreasing your opponent’s Injured or Exhausted Stress pool.
▼▼ Encase another character in stone.
▼▼ Seal a corridor with a wall of stone.

Extras & Locations
Kodi the Bear 2d10 Specialties: Therapy, Attractive (calming voice)
Westwick Hotel Penthouse 2d8 Killer parties, Top of the line security systems
Common Ground 2d4 Socialize, Publicity
Dorm Room 2d4 Comfort

Growth Pool:

Place Pathways notes, game notes, and just misc stuff here.
Rich Origin Distinction - wealthy, Paragon Youth Distinction - artistic, Money Focus Distinction - cosmopolitan, Risky Road, Life-changing event Manifestation, Priority - Performance, Modus - Outside Normal Channels, Motivation - Self, Identity - Foil

...and Westwick Hotel is a location, not an asset. :-)

Looking much better! Mr. Blue still needs some specialties, but other than that, all looking good.

Lillian is the youngest daughter in the Westwick family, an uber rich hotel conglomerate head. Lillian was ostensibly raised by her family, but she has spent more of her life with her security companion Mr. Blue than anyone else.

Perhaps due to her distance from her family or her completely spoiled upbringing, Lillian has never quite grown close to... people. Of course, the one person she fell for was Mr. Blue. When she professed her undying love to him at the tender age of twelve, he laughed her off, a childish fantasy. She has since realized the folly of her affections and has kept her heart close ever since.

The one thing in the world that she is undeniably attached to is Kodi (with a heart instead of a dot over the i). Kodi was a bear she found in a penthouse suite one day while traveling abroad as a child. A stuffed kodiak bear. Kodi became her closest friend and even though Lillian took Kodi everywhere, she remained clean and cute.

Over time, Lillian imagined Kodi as her actual living breathing friend, talking to her, playing with and feeding her. It was adorable when she was six, amusing when she was eight, interesting when she was ten, embarrassing when she was fourteen. But Kodi had been her friend for so long Lillian couldn't just ignore her.

Only after a short stay with a doctor at her fifteenth birthday did Lillian decide that Kodi and her friendship wouldn't be acceptable to anyone else, so she learned to hide that friendship from the world. She developed some tricks where she could make sure people wouldn't see Kodi, just by imaginging that Kodi was invisible or hidden away.

Oddly enough, Kodi also started taking on more human attributes, walking on her hind legs, mimicking human expressions. All the while, Kodi began helping Lillian explore her artistic side. Lillian had a true talent for art, especially sculpture. In private school at sixteen, Lillian discovered she could do things with stone and earth that nobody should be able to do.

She quickly turned this into a full fledged artist talent, was accepted at college and left her family behind. She now spends her time at class, at the observatory or the coffee shop where they display her work. On weekends, she throws killer parties at her penthouse suite downtown and invites all the popular kids at the college.

Major: Undecided

Tution paid by: Westwick fortune (of course)

Favorite Bands: David Guetta and Ke$ha

Favorite food: Filet Mignon with Bearnaise sauce... or diet coke

Possible image for Kodi the Bear:

Possible image for Mr. Blue (although I could go younger):

You got all the major stuff right. One minor thing: You don't need drive statements for assets, although they don't hurt... instead if you look in the book, the distinctions have triggers, which are neat narrative things you can do in the story. You have access to each of the ones you have the die rating for.

As for the abilities (illusions and earth shape,) you're going to choose one of the special effects listed.

OK, replied. Now back to work project.


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