Lillian Westwick

yep. I am still working on the revisions, but the reply helped a bunch.

OK, distinctions now have mechanical heft and abilities have limits. Anything else I'm missing?

Just take Mr. Blue off the Extras list since he's a Feature now. Leave him as a Relationship. All else looks good!

Mr. Blue has been removed from Extras. I finished the R-Map pieces, added a new location with the last part. I think Lillian is done now.

I did now! Man, the PM notification system here is toooo subtle.

There's an option you can choose that will make it more obvious. It can send you an email or give you a pop-up, I think.

I have the pop-up option on, I think it only works if you get a message while on the forum. Since this game is all I do on this forum and the game is a bit slow paced, I don't spend much time on here.

Blerg, I guess email notification it is.


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