Daphne Espinosa (Now a NPC)

Name: Daphne Espinosa
Concept: Dryad-witch

Species: Changeling
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering/Woodblood

Virtue: Fortitude: When Daphne has decided a course of action, she wants to see it through. Giving up is the last thing on her list.
Vice: Pride: She's right, and her way is best.

Age: Mid-to-late twenties, approaching 30

Eye Color: liquidy brown
Hair Color: black/see Mien
Skin Tone/Complexion: mid-grade brown (25-26 on the Von Luschan scale)
Hair Style: Long, wavy and unruly

Figure Notes:
Daphne is tall for her heritage, about 5'7", and her face is unusually angular. She is twiglike, thin but still in the range of healthy. Green tattoos cover her limbs and chest, of ivy and vine wrapping and weaving itself around her. Her eyes are round, perceptive, and in sunlight, slightly amber. Her skin appears dry.

In fact, Daphne is near 6'. Her eyes are not brown, but a liquidy lavendar that shines orange and blue against light. The tattoos on her limbs are not tattoos but real leaves growing around and on her, much like vines cling to a tree. Similarly, the black of her hair is faded into a green, tangled and wild from the plant life that harbors there. Her brown skin is truly bark, hairline divisions running all across her body.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of Daphne are the two branches that erupt from her back. Instead of wings like the faeries of children's stories, her extra limbs do not fly and merely get in the way of sitting or leaning back. They will actually blossom depending on the season, and Daphne always has a scent of magnolia or gardenia about her.

Clothing Notes: Daphne can often be seen in tank tops, short sleeve blouses with especially low-cut backs, or even halter tops, along with free-flowing skirts and sandals. If nothing else

Accessories: She often has a flower in her hair, but it never seems to fall out or be clipped on.

Other: When on the job, Daphne has to wear a lab coat. Don't ask how she does it.

Fetch: Angela Maitim Moreno


Daphne isn't sociopathic, necessarily. She understands people and emotions. Indeed, it is her second favorite interest. It's just that morality isn't as clear cut as some people want to make it out to be. There are many forces at play, and who's to say you can't get what you want out of someone else? People are useful and interesting. Just like plants.

It's hard to make Daphne smile, unless she's drunk. Yet it's not unnerving. Her manner makes it feel natural, as if she really were smiling. There seems to be no malice behind her eyes, nor depression. Still, she can be amused, or happy, and still not animate her face to extreme degrees. ("This IS my happy face.")

She is not quick to anger, but at times Daphne can seem haughty and aloof. While at times she can be "the quiet one," this is merely because she is contemplating. Very rarely does she withhold conversation or her opinions, unless she is speaking with a superior.

Traits: Manipulative, curious
Drive: discovery, interaction, collection


Daphne was born to Filipino-British parents, or at least that's what she tells herself because she's heard the name of her fetch. She remembers next to nothing but the moss-covered hair, the dry-leaf rattle, the dark and glinting eyes, the claws.

A music box hanging over a crib...

The garden, where She orders me to dig my feet into the mulch and dirt.

Mother's voice, soothing.

Fingers and nails caked with soil, even my tears are stained with it. She makes me eat it and sleep outside. I don't remember mummy's face.

The Hag wanted a pretty garden. The Hag wanted pretty slaves to match...and Daphne was the fairest of them all.

She may not remember Mother, but she knows she found the boy with the wooden flute in the clearing. Was it Hyde Park? Or was it someplace else...Arcadia, Elysium? He played so beautifully, his eyes so green, but always, always, he moved away from her. One day...she'll find him.

Daphne barely remembers her own escape. There were feelings of desperation, rebellion, determination.

She found others. She put herself through pre-med school, studied pharmacuticals. Now Daphne works in a hospital pharmacy, moonlighting at a special research greenhouse (among other things). In the Changeling world, Daphne is known as "the Apothecary." What she supplies you'll never know, unless you have something to offer.