Chapter II - Friends & Enemies

Chapter II - Friends & Enemies

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Before you go, Beast appears before you and your twin as you fill them both in. With the prospect of finding more strength, there is little reason to not go along with it. Of course, he will be nearby, but will take a different path.

No, I just skipped the inevitable beating. I should have described it a bit more graphic, but I forgot.

What route will you take? Go through the forest that surrounds the town and find a close point to sneak in, or will you simply walk in the open like last time? Beast will take advantage of the tree cover and go through that path.


As time was of the essence, they chose a more direct route, hoping that the amalgamy of celebration, darkness and their own strange abilities would keep them from prying eyes. Slinking from shadow to shadow, Dunwich and Innsmouth decide to follow their noses for the more appealing of scents this burg had to offer, going so far as to check doors and windows for easy access.

Dunwich was about to remind Innsmouth to keep quiet when a stiff breeze brought a swinging window shutter into his face. The mark was superficial, but the muffled yelp was embarrassing.

Despite the loud sloshing sound of their footsteps, the pair of them manage to infiltrate the town without a hitch. You are on a road that goes through town. To your left there is a bakery, a tailor shop, and a bar that runs alongside the road in front of you. To your right, there is an unmarked building, perhaps a house of someones. Behind that is the boisterous tavern that seems to be the only thing lit up in the place. Music and laughter can still be heard throughout the city as the inhabitants continue with their party.


Despite the better judgement of an unmarked house, Dunwich guides Innsmouth to the bakery. Perhaps it was his appetite calling, but such people could prove... useful as well as delicious.

Testing the windows first, Dunwich would only move on to the doorways of the bakery if unsuccessful, eyeing the establishment for a second floor home. If such a thing weren't present, the doppleganger could at least stock up on spices before moving on to a more meaty target.

The windows were locked, and the door as well. There is a second story, but you would have to
Athletics check. Innsmouthh can aide you of course.
climb it. No lights are on inside, and it is quiet.

Beast finds himself walking a nearby street, with no other people in sight. It's quiet in the town, beside the loud tavern further down the street, which Beast can see up ahead. To his right, he sees some unmarked houses. To his immediately left, there is a big church. A holy symbol of St. Cuthbert hangs from the top of the church, along with a pair of flickering torches. Two lion statues are adjacent to the stairs that lead up to the main doors. Gargoyles litter the roof of the building.


Shuffling through snow Beast kept his eyes open for anything that might prove tasty. The unmarked houses were tempting, they would let him hide eat. But his eye was constantly drawn to the church, the flickering torches and statues made it much more interesting to look at. Slogging through the slush he approached the front door of the church, walking up the stairs he tried the door to see if it was unlocked.


Bracing against the side of the house, Dunwich balances precariously upon Innsmouth's shoulders as he reaches for the first window he can. His stupid half-orc face twisting under the pressure of such an unfamiliar act, the doppleganger bites his lower lip, shaking away the question of whether or not he might taste better than his previous fares.

Now is not the time for such things, Dunwich warned himself, his transparent body wrenching back and forth as he attempts to keep himself aloft.

What? Innsmouth shot back, having caught the thought inadvertedly. He was ignored for the most part as his progenitor lost himself to the task at hand.

With a final stretch, Dunwich lept for the sill, missing it by inches. His left foot came down hard on Innsmouth, while the right purchased nothing but air. Clawing against the side of the house, the doppleganger fell back into the snow banks below.

The door pulls open slightly, revealing dim light withing the church. You can clearly hear music coming from inside, but its very faint.

Dunwich's attempt is easily muffled by the snow, causing very little noise. Nothing else seems to happen in the town.

Feel free to take 10.

Beast moved quietly, trying to enter the building with out being noticed. He tried to keep to the shadows, wanting to see what this building held before announcing his presence to anyone who might dwell within.


Accepting the first round as a slight setback, Dunwich begins hoisting Innsmouth up instead, leaning himself against the house to make a better purchase. He couldn't imagine how much trouble he would have had before, but the corded muscle his body possessed now made the effort almost easy.

Remember, secure the location and then get me up there, the elder doppleganger projected, trying his best to keep Innsmouth steady.


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