Chapter II - Friends & Enemies

The church is pretty standard - there are rows of pews on each side, with stairs and an altar at the very back of the church. The walls on the side and the very back are solid stone with stained glass windows. This would be a fine play of worship if it wan't for the destruction that seemed prevalent in the room. The far back left corner has a large, jagged, gaping hole that runs down the corner of the structure, with fallen debris on the floor below. The two stained glass windows on the left depict a Solar angel, and several lantern archons. To the right, the flowing green hair of a Ghaele is immediately recognizable, and on the other, the noble Hound Archon is seen. Unfortunately, the Solar angel's face is smashed out, and so is the Ghaele's and the Hound. The lantern archon's window is smeared with blood.

There is music coming from somewhere, but their hauntingly distant voices seem to echo all throughout the church.

The stained glass window behind the altar is completely destroyed, leaving behind only jagged edges still embedded in the frame. The full moon is clearly seen from the window, letting in the only source of light into the church. The moonlight lights up the altar - and the person in the dark green cloak that stands before the altar with a open tome.

The shadows in the place seem to hide you well despite the fact that the door opening could have easily been noticed. The shrouded person is silent as you observe him.

The door closes behind you after you enter. Surprisingly, it closes almost soundlessly, and doesn't slam or make a huge racket.

Innsmouth, still invisible, nods at Dunwich's request. This could only be noticed because of the black flaming eyes that appeared to doppels in this invisible state, a quality that he shared with his creator. The doppel reached, caught the windowsill, and hoisted himself up enough to place his elbows on the sill. He pushed against the window, then when it didn't budge he slithered his fingers underneath. After a few seconds of wriggling, the window was pushed up. Innsmouth then pulled himself inside.

You can't hear much of anything for what seemed like an agonizingly long time, but in reality the time spent was quite short.

There is a soft thump from inside. A full minute later, and Innsmouth returns to the window with a hemp rope in hand. He lets it down for you while holding the other end. Your doppel clone holds out his free hand to help you inside when you reach near the top.

"There is something you should see, Master." he calmly whispers down to you.

As the door closes behind him, Beast drops to a crouch, moving in an almost ape like manner, knuckles on the ground. He moved deeper into the church, trying to locate the voices. The music has set his nerves on edge, and the destruction of the temple has only added to the sense of being someplace that he is not wanted. He keeps an eye on the shrouded person, moving closer to them as he explores the building more fully.

You faintly hear the shuffling of footsteps up above, on the ceiling, but as you look up to see, it's too late. A sandy blur hits Beast from above like a hammer, and he is forced to the ground on his front, face down on the floor. Whatever hit Beast, seemed to make a chittering sound right near the doppel's ear. "Well..." the creature hisses, "what do we have here?"

If you want to move, make a strength check first.

With a growl, Beast begins to swell in size, quickly growing as his body twists and bulges with new muscles. He tested his new form against the creature holding him down.

As Beast grew rapidly in size, the creature tried to bash the doppel's head against the floor, but he felt the sudden change, and quickly jumped off him in time. As you look to see your assailant, you see a humanoid mantis-like creature with a sandy-brown chitin body, insect eyes, powerful mandibles, strong legs, and two pairs of arms, with one pair smaller than the other two. You know what this creature is - a Thri-kreen. It has a deep maroon hooded cloak that is drawn back and it is held together by a black emblem on his chest. The
emblem is a black mask with empty, white eyes. The white seems to be streaming down the mask.

The Thri-kreen looks you up and down as you grow. "Ohoho, how interesting...", it hissed. Its feet seem ready to pounce.

"Oh you don't know just how interesting I am. You look tasty...let's find out."

A grin spread across his face, revealing pointed teeth as he squared off against the bug creature. He flexed his hands, knuckles cracking loudly, and his claws slide free. He braces for the coming battle, sensing that the Thri-kreen is ready to attack at any moment.


Cocking his head ever so slightly, Dunwich grabbed the rope with both hands and began pulling himself up. For a moment, he managed to take in the sights of the town from a second story vantage, before grasping the sill and pulling himself inside.

His sense of smell was the first thing to kick in, as Innsmouth was the more visual of the two. Just what am I suppose to be seeing? Dunwich thought to his companion.

The Thri-kreen hunched forward, ready to attack ... and his leg twisted forward, pushing away from Beast. "Let's not." It pulled out a serpentine dagger, then ran in the opposite direction, its arms swiftly moving in place. It jumped to the right, foot landed on a pew, and pushed off against it, sending the insect sideways to the wall. It caught on immediately, and began to climb up it like a spider.

Roll another Perception. No reflex.

"Come.", he simply stated.

You're in a thin hallway with wooden floors and sky blue walls that extends about twenty feet, then goes straight downstairs. As you advance, you see a door at the very end where the stairs begin. "It's locked."

The only thing within this hallway are two doors right across from each other, and currently both are ajar. This way, the doppel motions as he goes through the door to the right. The door creaks as it opens, but the clone wasn't the least bit bothered by it. He walks in and stands in the middle of the room. Overall, it is a fairly typical room with a bed and a window against the wall where you came from. there is a dresser in the far left corner, and there are a pair of sturdy boots right near the entrance of the threshold. There is a man in bed, covered in sheets. Innsmouth looks at the man, then back at Dunwich.


Wondering what has Innsmouth so sure of himself, Dunwich looks to his simulacrum for a moment before approaching the man. He tries to make his steps as soft as possible, but relies mostly on his invisibility to keep him unnoticed.

Drawing nearer to the man, Dunwich looks the sleeping figure over, trying to determine his state of rest. He felt these things were important, for no other reason that for how this one would taste. The door, Dunwich communicated mentally to Innsmouth. Is it locked from the inside or the outside?

"The inside. It needs a key to open it." Innsmouth walked to stand right beside Dunwich. The doppel put a hand on the man who was facing away from them, and pulled him forward, causing the man to roll on his back. His face was calm and solemn, but his eyes were wide open. His eyes seemed to scream at you when you looked at them. Red capillaries seemed to cover the man's eyes like a web of blood.

"He's not breathing. He's not alive. He's just... frozen like that."

Innsmouth, who shared Dunwich's memories from before they split, remembered the one other person they met here in the village. This time, he spoke aloud. "Do you think the half-orc was also frozen like this?"


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