Chapter II - Friends & Enemies


"It's a possibility," Dunwich murmured, looking strangely at the sad little man before getting his game face on. "But I don't think we should let him go to waste..."

Although he imagined the taste would be bland, Dunwich began to feast on the frozen man, wondering if that earlier conquest was nothing more than a freebie.

You both devour your immobile prey with gusto. Halfway between carving out the man's ribcage, you hear a a small thud somewhere close. Where ever it came from it, was came from outside the door.


Leaving what remains to Innsmouth, Dunwich glides to the door, suddenly feeling quite familiar with the room. Vanishing from sight, the doppleganger rears its head into the hall, carefully sampling the air for any unusual scents.

Dice Roll: 1d20+0z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 11)
Perception (11)

For a moment Beast was confused by the actions of the creature, but that passed quickly. The bug was quick and the ability to climb the walls would be hard to deal with, and Beast figured that was the point. Putting the creature out of reach and letting it move to strike him when it felt it could. He needed some way to bring the thing back to him, to get it back on the ground and keep it there. He looked around for something he could throw at the creature, hoping to knock it off the wall.

As Dunwich begins to leave, Innsmouth stops eating and wipes the entrails from his mouth. There were others in the house. Frozen too. He finished what he had in his mouth, and looked over at the door, wondering what Dunwich saw.

As you look out into the hallway, you see a small child in the middle of the room across from you. She has pale skin, and emaciated face, short brown hair and a bright pink camisole on, with a pink bow in her hair. She looks at you with blood-red eyes that seem much bigger and wider. The girl smiles at you, revealing a set of sharp teeth. Fifteen feet from you, the child slowly start to walk towards you. In the distance, you see an infant in a crib with the same blood-red eyes. The young child, stuck in the makeshift prison, begins to chew on the bars with its sharp teeth.

Innsmouth wondered what was going on outside, but heard... something exhaling. He looked to see the half-eaten man now with blood-red eyes, sharp teeth, a pale face, and a gray vapor trail coming from his mouth. He backed away slowly as the man began to rise, even without his left arm. Innsmouth, with his new-found knowledge, knew exactly what these creatures were.

"Ghouls..." he whispered aloud. Dunwich mentally knew right away.

Right when the 'kreen ran away, there were light and fast footsteps coming from your right, towards the altar. The creature in the dark green cloak was missing from the altar, and was rapidly running ontop of the pews, gunning for Beast. A blade shined from the moonlight as the creature drew it, and he thrusted it down on Beast. As the mystery man swung his sword down at the doppel, the wind caught his hood and let it draw back a bit, enough to see the creature's face. Beast saw the man, and knew what he was. A Githzerai with powerful green eyes. The Gith's blade sunk easily into Beast's shoulder, letting blood
Beast takes 7 damage. DR doesn't apply.

The 'kreen scurried on the wall onto the ceiling. He held serpentine dagger out, and it transformed into a massive
Goliath Greathammer, if you know what it is.
hammer with a long handle for the insect to wield. It scurried closer towards the doppel and his ally, ready to get the drop on him.

Grunting as the blade sunk in, Beast turned his attention to the Gith. He swung at the creature, bringing his oversized claws to bear. Two on one was not going to end well for him if he could not end at least one of them quickly. This would be a test of his new found strength for sure.


Slamming the door shut, Dunwich panicked for a moment as he tried to figure out what that meant. As it quickly sunk in through Innsmouth that these were what one would call the undead, a slow smile escaped his invisible face. He saw his mission before him, and knew Greel was sharing the same grin.

"Ghouls?" the doppleganger hissed, glaring maliciously at the rising man. "This is just practice."

The tone of his voice was apparent, his communication with Innsmouth precise. This ghoul would face a more permanent death in a very short time.

"You're right, Master.", Innsmouth said as he held down the Ghoul. It was missing an arm and its lower torso from the duo's feast, yet it tried to claw and bite at the doppel clone. Innsmouth held its forehead back with his right hand and held the ghouls' other flailing hand back with his left.

Pulling on the ghouls' remaining arm, the appendage ripped off from its body with some effort, and was discarded across the room.
He looks back at Dunwich. "They're easy targets."

Beast's arms lunged for his attacker, but the man seemed to dodge them both with a quick fluidity as his body twisted to avoid them. Then the doppel reached out with his teeth, catching the gith off guard and slicing him deep in the shoulder. Blood spattered as Beast seemed to take a chunk of the gith with him, as a piece of flesh was missing from the assailant.

The githzerai's body then seemed to swirl with shadows. He held out his short sword, and it too swirled, but just for a moment, as its blade fully turned black. He swung the blade deftly, slicing Beast on his right arm. As the black blade met the doppel's skin, the shadows seemed to rush from the blade and into the wound. The gitzerai then tumbled away, putting fifteen feet between him and the doppel.

The thri-kreen moved from the ceiling to the wall adjacent to the fight, and when the gith tumbled away, he pounced. The mantis-man pushed off from the wall with its powerful legs, and held the large hammerstaff in his hands, with the hammer facing Beast.


Swallowing the chuck of bloody meat he had ripped from the Gith, Beast was forced to turn his attention back to the bug that was leaping at him. He tried to swipe at the creature as it flew towards him but it moved way to fast through the air. The creature
assuming the bullrush failed till you tell me other wise
tried to push him back but the added bulk of Beasts large form let him hold his ground. Now that the bug was once more with in arms reach, Beast turned his claws and teeth on the nimble foe.


Mentally cheering his progeny on, Dunwich maintains his invisibility as Innsmouth dismembers the flailing ghoul. Bracing himself against the door, the doppleganger glances around the room for a continued advantage while his mind races.

Anything we should know about these things? Dunwich communicated, bringing himself to one side of the door in ambush. Will our current tactics work, or should we be changing it up?


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