Chapter II - Friends & Enemies


Like a snake shedding his skin, Beast seems to flex and shift and the metal tears it's way through. Once it is completely reveale it has the appearance of scales, reptilian like. They lay flat over his whole body, moving with him and protecting him, their metallic sheen reflecting what little light there is dimly. His over sized hands flex and the metal extends along his claws, bright points of deadly metal, his mouth also full of needles.

"Lets try this again..."

The Thri-kreen had danced back some but it didn't seem to take into account the fact that Beast's new size let him reach a bit farther, letting him bring his claws to bear on the bug again.

As Dunwich and Innsmouth plop down onto the soft, snow-laden floor below, they are unnoticed for sure, as the two ghouls have wrecked the front door and window, leaving shards of glass and a broken door lying out in the front and partially inside. Currently, they are behind the counter and wrecking the back room, searching for something.

The path to Beast is clear, and you know he's up the road and ...close. There are no ghouls in the streets, but there are some scattered across the sides of the buildings, within the alleys, and some even climbing the rooftops and scaling the walls. To your right, as you pass the tavern, you see that there are ghouls standing guard in front of the front door, but these ghouls are much bigger in stature and their arms seem massive. "Ghasts." Innsmouth whispers. "Much more dangerous than the ghouls that we faced. Actually, all of these ghouls seem more dangerous. They seem frenzied by that person's singing."

As you walk, your heads seems to ache out of the blue. Something is wrong, as if its trying to tell you, no, show you something.

Provided that you are quiet, you will get to the Church in two rounds. If you wish to do anything else, say so, or simply post that you continue to walk your path. If you have questions about surroundings, feel free to ask.

For the headache-thing, make an Intelligence check.
The headache does not interfere with your actions, it is merely a hindrance.

At Thri-kreen dodged the first hit easily, but like a one-two punch, the insect didn't see the right hook, and it impacted his face, sending the 'kreen reeling. He shakes his head, trying to shake off the blow. It certainly didn't help that this creature suddenly grew adamantine scales in the blink of an eye. "What in the nine hells are you, you monster?" It swung its hammer around himself with one pair of arms, and pulled towards Beast quickly, sending the massive hammer towards the doppel with a great velocity. It
Touch attack via Emerald Razor
touched Beasts chest, then sent its massive power and weight
Beast takes 17 damage. Minus 5 from DR, and that's 12.
26/30 > 14/30
through his chest, causing Beast to catch his breath and feel pain.

As you two continue to fight, the Gith is nowhere to be seen.

In the corner of the church, a group of about seven ghouls and a ghast come waltzing in through the massive gaping hole in the wall. They look curiously at both of the fighters as they seemingly dance and stagger around each other in their fight.


Although trudging through the snow at a good pace, Dunwich can't help but shake a feeling of importance. What was bothering him, a fleeting thought that eluded him, darting from shadow to shadow in the deepest recesses of his mind...?

The headache subsides, and Dunwich realizes something about himself.

The pair of them continue their pace, getting closer to their destination while avoiding the unwanted attention of any ghouls.


"I am Beast." The statement was said as if it would answer any questions. As he was about to advance again, shrugging off the damage the hammer had done to him, he noticed the movement in the corner of the building. At first he thought it was the Gith coming back for another attack, and he turned his head more fully to see, what he saw was not the expected Gith. He wasn't sure what they were but something told him they were dangerous. "More monsters for the party..."

Looking back at the bug, "Friends of yours?"

The pair of you reach what looks like the back of the church, as you can see the stained glass windows with bashed out faces. There is a massive hole at one corner, closest to you, but it is crowded wall to wall with ghouls. You hear the sound of fighting inside, but some of the bigger ghouls make it hard to see. After a moment, the crowd of them seem to disperse as they begin their march into the church.

There are about 14 ghouls and two ghasts crowded in the back entrance of the church. IT would take a round for them to all disperse.

The ghouls shuffled into the church.... slowly. The emblem warded them from those who wore them, but the other one, the one with scales, was not warded. Still, they slowly but surely proceeded forward towards the unmarked one.

"They're friends of a friend. It looks like they're here for you." The Thri-kreen took a step back,
Recover maneuvers
flourished his hammer by spinning it with its four arms. He swings the hammer with all of his force, but Beast's armor pushes it aside, sending the hammer crashing into the pew behind him, sending pieces of wood everywhere.


Approaching the church tentatively, Dunwich glances toward Innsmouth and concentrates. We'll need to break up the mob, he projected, along with a mental image of the eaten orc, frothing and battle-ready a fair distance behind the ghouls. Use that as a decoy while I assist Beast. I'll call if you're needed.

With that, the doppleganger left his simulacrum to the task while he continued on toward the ghouls. He could only hope his meager, weakened efforts against an outnumbering amount of overpowering foes would see them through the day. After recalling the day's events, he was far from confident and quite possible scared out of his mind... and yet his footing did not falter.


Choosing to ignore the newer arrives, Beast focus on the pest that is once more within the reach of his claws. The creatures that had just arrived seem to be ignoring the Thri-kreen, perhaps there was a reason for that. Beast was not well versed in this kind of reasoning so he pushed the thought from his mind and fell back on something he was comfortable with. He lashed out with his claws and teeth, hoping to land enough blows to drop the giant bug once and for all.

As you step closer to the church and through the ghouls, you notice that your steps don't make a sound.

The projected orc roars loudly, and a good number of ghouls turn their heads to see the source of the sound. About six ghouls actually turn and begin their advance. One of them bolts for the orc, but misses as the orc dodges and moves with unnatural agility. The image then begins to back up, putting some space between the two.

As you shuffle between the ghouls and stick to the walls, you see Beast fighting an insect-man with four arms. Then, something happens.

The Thri-kreen takes one punch from the doppel and dodges the rest. With its massive hammer-staff placed down on the ground between the two of them. "You sure look impressive.", the creature says, raising its hammer. "But you're still weak."

The hammer swings around the 'kreen and hits the doppel squarely on the
Emerald Razor (touch attack). Beast takes 20 damage.
face, sending him flying to the ground. Blood can be seen dripping from Beast's eye that got hit, and it's also coming from the sides of his mouth.


At the far end of the church, Dunwich concentrates on an image of Beast, untouched and slowly but sarcastically clapping. "Well done," the Major Image chides, raising his arms. "Now, if you're finished playing with yourself... shall we?"

Taking a chance with his newfound power, Dunwich rushes to Beast's aid, keeping his focus on the imitation as he reaches his brother. Although he hopes the ruse is enough, Dunwich shields his fallen sibling with his body. No, you don't. You can't die. I forbid this thing, my brother.

Shooting a glance at the insectoid creature, the doppleganger's thought echoes. I forbid it.

Feel free to make any rolls I've forgotten here.

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