Rules Questions

Extras & Locations only have the two dice available each session. Since we don't have sessions, we need to find a limit to when they refresh. Every scene is a little two often. After every three scenes?

I was thinking it might be a bit too often while on the road this morning, too. Let's stick with it and see. If it's too often, I might come up with some kind of episode structure to use on the forums.

Maybe once every X days we stop putting up new scenes, do tags, and roll Growth, effectivly ending the episodes?

I thought of that but felt it would be artificial. I'd rather the story tell us when it's done. I don't know. Let's keep it on 3 scenes and see how that works.

So since we both challenged or relationships with each other that scene how are we handleing that? Do you want us to rewrite the relationships now or later? Personally I think keeping it downgraded until we do growth makes the most sense.

Who talks for Extras? I assume Watchtower does, but wanted to make sure.

@Orklord, I talk for Extras.

@vonpenguin Yes, don't do anything to your Relationship until you choose to do Growth.


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