"I think this is going to work out very well. If you need any support, let me know." Todd said, pocketing the card and smiling like a fox. "And keep me informed. I'm easy enough to find."


Alright, toss me some relevant rolls, and then we'll set up the next scene:

If you have relevant Contacts or Allies, roll Manipulation+Socialize (for social contacts, AKA, guys Underwood met at a bar) or Manipulation+Presence (for more formal contacts, like people Underwood knows through his work) to get info.

Just generally asking around the street is Manipulation+Streetwise.

Hitting the books and researching Scratch or related matters is Intelligence+Academics.

In all cases, list the specific question or topic that Underwood is looking for. If you have ideas not covered by the above, let me know.