This thread is for general OOC use, especially rolling dice to see the outcome before posting in the game thread.

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(If you want more info, I'll be glad to oblige.
How's my first post?)
Your first post was great, Mori! Feel free to take liberties with the scenery, so if you need the room to be neat or tidy and I haven't said one way or the other, go with whatever would make your post all the more interesting.

Since everyone is going to be interacting with Bai too, a visual description of the imp would be fantastic.

And his name is Bal, not Bai. :P I was pondering Balthazar, but I decided to just go with the shorter name.
I'll edit in the imp's description right now.

Agreed. I may end up changing it if I come across something more appropriate, but it'll do for now.

Also, I'm very much enjoying the posts so far. I'm going to give SB and NGP a chance to introduce their characters before I get things moving.

Sorry about the delay, but I can't really post on weekends.

Don't worry NGP, that's not a problem. I need to go through everyone's sheets in any case.

SB is away on vacation for a week, so I'm going to get the game moving. He can jump in when he returns.

Moral Wiz, your Expertise check result gives you the answer to "basic questions" about current affairs within the Golgari Swarm. Go ahead and ask a bunch here and you'll get the answers OOC.

Well-Informed isn't going to help you at this point, since you don't yet know who has created the plague. Once you encounter them, or gain enough info to identify them, you can make this check.


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