I'm a bit confused about your last line in your last post. Do you actually mean 'make an exit,' or is it supposed to be entrance. And if it is exit, what are you proposing exactly?

Make an exit; IE get away. Not as in destroying part of the compound, just getting away from the scene of the crime, as quickly as possible, so we don't get chased down by Golgori guards.

In my mind, the Undercity and almost all things underground are the domain of House Dimir (the rest being pockets claimed by Rakdos cultists). The Golgari territory for the most part is above ground. Sure, as farmers, their reach extends a little ways into the earth, but they do not claim the Undercity.

The map certainly suggests that traveling through the Swarm's territory overland undetected would be almost impossible. Fey could plot an underground route via acqueducts most of the way below your destination.

That doesn't mean what Fey said is untrue, simply that it doesn't apply in this particular situation.

*nods* Fey'll suggest aqueducts; if some exist instead of a river system. It's just hard to talk about the territory without the map, or more description through scouting. Her main problem with the alternate idea is not having a vehicle to cover their escape.

I've edited my last post to reflect this a little better.

I apologize to all of you for the confusion.

Moral Wiz, to be clear: I love the way you are just posting without checking in with me, making assumptions about the way things are in the world. In most cases I think you will be correct and I'll let you know if you disagree, so keep it up. All of you should feel free to do so as well.

But in this case, I have a pretty clear idea of what "Golgari Territory" looks like, and it doesn't seem like it agrees with your image. Just to give all of you the same mental picture that I have:

I regret that, because I'm making up so much about the setting as we go along, my assumptions won't always be shared by all of you.

Makes sense to me. I'll admit, I did think that the Golgari were underground, but the Dimir make sense too. And, if the Dimir interfere, maybe Elise can use her previous clout (albeit small, especially since she isn't Dimir anymore.) to help ease things along.

Which clout with the Dimir is this? I was under the impression Elise was previously a member of the Orzhov.

EDIT: To be clear, I'm not saying the Golgari don't have any presence underground. I'm just saying they don't control the Undercity, which is mostly the domain of the Dimir. Any Golgari presence underground would be in actual earth, not water-filled structures like sewers and aqueducts. And since the plane is mostly developed, there is very little space for the Golgari underground. In my vision of the Ravnica, in any case.

I also want to apologize if this seems a bit heavy-handed in terms of the route you should take. I don't have a map to give you with some possible routes to consider, and we don't have a sourcebook of geography to point to, so I've basically done the analysis on your behalf. If any of you really want to take another route for whatever reason, that's always a possibility, but it'll have its own pros and cons too.

Originally Posted by Naturax View Post
Azorius: Elise respects the laws that the Azorius create, but believes they are limiting themselves by not manipulating the laws in their favor.
Dimir: In her last life, Elise was a minor servant of the Dimir. She hadn't been of enough use to warrant control of her afterlife, and for that she is thankful. She primarily works for the Dimir.
Orzhov: Elise has a love/hate relationship with the Orzhov. On one ethereal hand, the Syndicate was the reason for her death, and resurrection into a banshee. On the other, they didn't resurrect her to squeeze more use from her, instead using her to deal with a minor problem the Orzhov had that they couldn't remove themselves.Since the Dimir isn't a 'real' guild, Elise had a cover-membership in the Syndicate.
The other guilds (Boros, Simic, Golgari, Rakdos, Izzet, Gruul, and Selesyna, aren't of importance to Elise. She finds the more wild guilds (Gruul, Rakdos, Izzet) distasteful, and the others to be boring or conflicting with her interests.
(Relevant parts bolded)

From the 'Relationships with the Guilds' part. It is very minor, so it probably wouldn't affect anything. And, now that I think about it, It doesn't matter, since the Dimir operate on a one-on-one basis, with each member of the Dimir only knowing one or two others; the one they order around, and the one that orders them around. (At least that's what I think, based on the card 'Consult the Necrosages')

She was such a convincing undercover agent in the Orzhov that she even fooled me. Sorry about that!


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