Elise and Bal are going to investigate the outskirts of the Golgari territory, to try and find a way closer to the boiler, and check the canal/aqueduct that we're to meet Fey at.

Iptu's going to check out their entrance and escape route in the Undercity. He's been there before, so his presence won't raise heads, and besides, most won't see him unless it's him they're looking for. He's not going to actually head up into the Golgari turf, Iptu's just making sure they'll have a clean exit.

Thanks, everyone! I'm going to start working on the next post.

Meanwhile, if you're interested, you can post here:

Originally Posted by PsionicFox View Post
Hey guys. Now, while I'm sad I didn't get in (I fell ill around the closing date and didn't get to finish), I'd like to think I'm a good sport.

Now, if, like Mori, you'd like a MtG Card for your character, PM me, and I'll get cracking.


Just a little plug/showing off, but I'm really happy with it. Thanks again, PsiFox!

Hey everyone!

I want to apologize to all of you. It occurs to me that I've been pushing the game pretty hard towards one particular path, but there is no need for me to do so. I've put a lot of thought into this scenario and I'm happy to accommodate any strategy you want to attempt, I only regret that I haven't given you the opportunity to do so.

What I'd like to do is step back just a little and allow you to actually decide for yourselves how you want to proceed. To that end I've modified my last post to say that you've met up with Fey at the riverside, but I haven't made any assumptions about what's going to happen next.

Once again I'm sorry for stumbling so early on, but it is my hope that by addressing this without delay the game will be able to pick up again and resume the momentum we started with.

Thanks for your understanding!

Hmm... Mori, how common would you say banshees are? I'd been working under the assumption that they wouldn't be recognizable on sight (since in most settings, IIRC, they're pretty rare) but perhaps things are different in Ravncia.

Oh, and as a note? If Elsie brings that point up IC, Fey's response is simple/ "Dead things. You might be dead, but you're still a person, aren't you?"

Hey folks. So glad I got in, apologies for the poor timing! I am back a bit early, tho I likely won't be catching up til the weekend.

I would say semi-rare, Wiz.
I know that, and you know that, but does Elise know that? :P

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