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I win 3: Who will Mordae give the Win to?

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Who wins this epic war of epicness?
Noah 1 25.00%
Of course it's Noah 2 50.00%
Who could it be but Noah? 2 50.00%
OH YEAH IT COULD BE... NOAH!!!! 2 50.00%

Hehehe, i attack the win with a chainsaw, cutting it into multiple pieces.

It would seem that the win has entered our Domain, now...may it be distributed evenly among the billions which compose us...

Edit: The win clock is counting...where are the other posters?

ENOUGH with the 'win clock'. There is no clock, time is immaterial.
There is only one Win and only one being capable of having that Win and I am said being. Why do you bother posting? Any and all posts that contradict my words are a waste of time and energy. The One True Win is MINE! Now and forever. Cower in the presence of The Win!

<flicks toothpick>

Settle down. The win is messing with your head. If you keep this up, you'll end up with more that a few psychoses...

Here, I'll hold this for you. Now please don't bite these nice men, here...

I agree myrmidon, nice try indeed. NM, I believe this win was sort of yours?

Alright, I'm sure all of you gentlemen can confirm that there is no win here. Do you suppose that the ant here needs some help? He does appear to be hallucinating. I know of a nice psychiatrist who may be able to help him.

As for owning the do, in a way. The same as every other internet user...

If you wanna delude yourself that the Win is owned by everyone like some kind of weird commie experiment that's fine, but in reality it will always be mine and mine alone.

That's odd...I didn't think that insane asylums gave their visitors internet access...oh well. Have fun, myrmidon. It was a good experience to know you.

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