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I win 3: Who will Mordae give the Win to?

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Who wins this epic war of epicness?
Noah 1 25.00%
Of course it's Noah 2 50.00%
Who could it be but Noah? 2 50.00%
OH YEAH IT COULD BE... NOAH!!!! 2 50.00%

(leaping naked from a smoking indentation in the ground)
I'm from the future! For God's sake, you all have to keep those fools from bringing SkyNet online!

Also, future Mordae wanted me to advise his 2012-era self to give me The Win. He said he tried giving it to those other amateurs, and they just ended up trading it to the Terminators for some old cans of Spam and a beat-up edition of "Barely Legal".

(giving hand signals to a guy carrying a strait jacket)
Of course you're from the future, Mr Torrance. Didn't I tell you we've already ..umm... destroyed skynet? Remember?
Sure, it's your Win. Just come with me and we'll get it all ..uh.. signed over to you, all legal and stuff. That's right, just come with me.

(whispers to strait jacket guy)
Forget the jacket, just tranquilize him while he's concentrating on me. We'll stretcher him back to the asylum. I'd love to know how he got out though, supposed to be top security.

Too fill you all in, Mordae is the Neo of this thread's Matrix.

I'll keep the win away from the agents - or potential agents - as I am part of the rebellion and cannot become an agent.

Of course this world is just a computer simulation plugged directly into your central nervous system, Mr Syllable. That's right, it's just to keep us subdued so the machines can use our chemical energy to power their civilization. Come with me, I have to take you to see the ..umm.. Oracle.

(to jacket-guy)
More tranq for this one.

(Watching Myrmidon through the shatterproof glass of the observation window as he paces in his padded cell, issuing commands to nonexistent orderlies.)
It's tragic, really...he seemed like a amiable-enough fellow, until my earning The Win drove him irrevocably mad. Still, we can keep him safe here, give him all the haloperidol-enriched tapioca and oatmeal he could ever's certainly better than the life of homeless meth-addicted prostitution he was living when we picked him up off the streets.
(I make a note on my clipboard, then stroll off back to my office, whistling "Twisted Nerve" as I depart.)

Originally Posted by DannyTorrance View Post
it's certainly better than the life of homeless meth-addicted prostitution he was living when we picked him up off the streets.
Speak for yourself, I enjoyed it.

Whoa Danny, you just clocked some serious time on this 'win clock' thing thing you guys believe exists. Of course, the Win was always mine, I just couldn't get to the site to tell you.

Is this Win Clock thing a flying unit? Is it Terran? I don't remember seeing that unit being played before....

Either way, I open with a 14 pool and transition into Speedling/Baneling harass. Baneling bust is imminent.

Edit: And I will take the win.

Foolish pseudo-Spaniard! In the immortal words of the Basque people: Ez duzu inoiz irabazi. irabazi beti nireak izan.

Danny, those words are truly immortal. They're so famous that if you type them into google it directs you to this thread. So I feel justified in saying:
"Tonta, nola izan irabazteko izan zen zurea dela uste duzu? Nire garaipena da."

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