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I win 3: Who will Mordae give the Win to?

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Who wins this epic war of epicness?
Noah 1 25.00%
Of course it's Noah 2 50.00%
Who could it be but Noah? 2 50.00%
OH YEAH IT COULD BE... NOAH!!!! 2 50.00%

Little did you all know, but Gordon Freeman is now in support of Cynperos for saving his grandson's (me) life just there.

Oh Deary Deary me. I am shamed for my ignorance that I didn't know this forum had a win game.

Until I saw it; then I was shamed on everyone else's behalf because whilst the win is cute and shiny, it is a primitive and unevolved win. I spoke bad of the win, but it is tough love to help the win grow and fulfill it's glorious potential.

How can the famously handsome Mordae (possesor and penultimate owner of the win) award the win, in a manner that is fair to all who contend for its magnificence without a measure of the effort that has been put into obtaining it.

Thus the win clock starts now. When the inevitable theft happens, my win clock will pause and the thiefs clock will begin (to the nearest minute) until I hold the precious win again. The holder of the largest period of time can show the effort they have gone to to keep the win safe.

As the only person to have any time recorded on their win clock, I claim possession of the win.


Sir O

Bwah ha har! As I leave the building my win clock stands at......

I'll just take the win back, but I'm too lazy to keep a hold of it, so I'll just auction it off. Opening bid is $1!

I must confess confusion about your clock. It doesn't seem to be moving, yet you claim it has progressed from four hours to over nine hours...

One thing I have observed from this thread is that possession of "The Win" leads to dizzying amounts of larceny, battery, poisoning and other dastardly deeds that I would not be interested in subjecting myself to.

However, a blatant theft at a legitimate auction seems a little too crass... especially when there was an opening bid of one dollar! Authorities have been dispatched and "The Win" will reside in their evidence locker and will probably be returned to it's rightful owner.

Thanks for sending the Win on back too me! I was worried that I would have to get the Space Yakuza involved in this to retrieve it!

Well, I thank you all for the beautiful win, which I will re-auction with a starting bid of $10000, since it seems to be much more popular now than before.


@ littlefish - that's okay I understand that small minds get confused easily

Shame singlesyllable - not even three hours possession of the win

Win clock stands at 46 hours and 9 minutes

*Laughs hysterically*
Okay, you know what myrmidon, you made my week with that one; you don't even need to auction; I'll just give it to you for that one.

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