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Game Related

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Will get around to fleshing characters out shortly.

So... How many players we got so far?

4 players right now with Umezawa still needing to sort out a character sheet.

I'm hoping to get at least another player before I start but in the mean time I plan on getting some NPCs and stuff sorted out.

Ok waiting on a word from our Master and GM about my guy. As of far....he is going to be in The Occult Club(Or something similar club....Maybe I shall call it -The Lovecraftian Engagement Club- ). They deal with anything that involves the Supernatural. They spend there time you know doing the norm... summoning demons to make deals, or tying Wolfsbane to a werewolfs know the norm.

If all goes well my Student is from a famous family of Hunters....he himself dislikes it and wants nothing more then to be lazy and pick up on chicks. Side note he is the 7th son of the 7th son so is cursed.Night time here for him, due to the mystical energies of the area, turn him in to either a Living Vampire or something Demon like.Have not gotten word yet if either work, but stay tuned.

Response sent and I have no issues.

7th son of a 7th son? That makes him a sorcerer!


*Reads moar Discworld*

busy with it as we speak, my mtg Idea might be a little brutal on mechanics so I'm going to make two characters then matty can choose which will be easyer for him to keep track of, but I'll probably only be done about monday or tuesday...

Well, it's certainly an interesting bunch of player characters.....


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