Game Related

Firstly, not everyone has generated their character sheets.

Secondly, Iris, who has displayed interest on previous occasions still wants to play so I'm waiting for Iris to accept the invite and get the character finalised because I'm already fine with the character concept, and there was another person in the ad section who wanted to join in on the fun and I didn't want to make these people feel left out by not allowing them the chance to start from the beginning along with everyone else.

Thirdly, Belul has been absent recently so there's a bit of sorting out to do with Belul to get things up to speed.

I apologise for all of this.

DOes anybody have some good images of school dormitories or can point me in the direction of some decent images?

Yep, I started a folder for you actually, 1 sec, I'll post the Photobucket directory.

Edit: Right, here it is. SoiP Gallery
Note that not all the images are scenery, and that many of the scenery ones contain people, but it's the best I could manage. Danbooru is more for characters than scenery, and tends to lean a little more to Japanese architecture over more modern western designs.

I now elect you Official Image person.


Hurrah! Spoilers for me!

We should start a sort of pre-RP for people. You know, do all the introductions, general slice-of-life stuff that starts most games off to a slow launch. It'll encourage people who aren't finished to finish faster while entertaining those of us who are done ^^

It could even be totally scrapped, kannon-wise.

Good point. I'll adjust the starting point I had in mind for the game to before you need to go to school to attend the new year opening ceremony.

I'll start it from everyone moving in to the dorms earlier in the day. I'll do that later.

I should probably see if I can find an appropriate pic for Sam...

I will be in TROUBLE a lot at school. Considering rule number 8....

I can't help but feel they added that rule a few weeks after the start of school just for me.

Also Rule 13....What if your family is always fighting each other and slapping each other around lol...

*Slap* 'Why did you hit him Johnny?' 'I was following rule 13. Its what I do to my brother.'


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