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No doubt she'll catch up with him again at some point.

There seems to be a bit of a mix of activity and inactivity between players which has led to me feeling a bit confused over things. I'm not sure how long to leave it before I should post something just to keep things moving.......

Well, Megumi's off to play Poker, so I figured that was a fade to black sorta deal.

adel was planning on leaving campus, i don't know quite how to continue that course of action.

You can state that Adel is leaving the campus. As for where you plan on going, this island is a basically a huge city so there are lots of things you could probably do.

Not much I can do about Sam waiting on ALex, hopefully zenninpo will turn up at some point and post.

As for the poker game, I was assuming that Umezawa would be responding to what I said considering the question regarding what was being used to gamble with. Unfortunately, Umezawa seems to be occupied with some computer problems and not sure when that will be resolved.

Ah well, things happen I suppose..........

so, im moving out, I don't know where but a club or a Café would be ideal.

Sorry, been a bit busy.

Also, I've been giving this game some thought. I don't know about everyone else but having lost the two Co-GMS, not quite having enough time to spend on the game and feeling like I haven't been able to make of this game what I hoped I could make of it. Maybe I set the bar a bit too high for myself but I just find myself feeling like I've failed in making this game in to what I wanted it to be and I feel like I've failed all of you, the people who have signed up to play the game.

I just feel like the game was an interesting idea and I tried to run it but I just feel like I'm not the best person to be trying to run this, especially when I feel like I'm failing to make this the sort of game I wanted to make or at least that's how I feel.

I just feel like I'm unable to invest the time and effort in to this game to make it the type of experience I wanted to make it and to make it in to a successfully run game that everyone can enjoy.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself properly but I've decided that I think I'll be giving up on this game, especially as I'm now the only GM.

If any of you want to try continuing this then I'll happily pass the HeadGM position over to you or anyone else you can find otherwise I'll probably be archiving this game.

I'm really sorry to be doing this to you but I just don't feel capable of being able to run this game successfully the way I'd like to and I'd rather quit instead of forcing myself to continue on for the sake of it because nobody would enjoy that.

I feel like I'm letting you all down now but I needed to say this rather than reaching a point where I just gave up and abandoned it without saying a word.

Well, it's up to you, but I was quite enjoying it so far. If you as the GM weren't, then I fully support your decision. Thanks for giving it a go


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