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Well, Megumi will prety much always follow rule #2. The ORIGINAL rule #2 =D

I can't see the picture of the boy's uniform.

I just copied the address of the image, but I think MW is just semi-buggy when it comes to linked pictures
(I suggest downloading the original image, then uploading it directly into MW)

.... actually... strike that, I looked it up in souce code

edit: ok, I fixed up the post, and all you gotta do is click on the thumbnails to get the big images

O.o Micro-skirts, hurrah. Also, HUGE shoulders on those things XD

It was a lot harder to find images of the boys in uniform and taht was the best I could find. Hence, why I simply said based on Shuffle!

I don't know how everyone is doing on their characters but I may start things off soon just to get things going. That way it doesn't matter too much if people don't have things finalised because as people are moving in to the dorms and teachers will no doubt be offering help to students if they want it. Otherwise teachers can have fun doing whatever they want while the students are getting sorted.

Originally Posted by zenninpo View Post
I can't help but feel they added that rule a few weeks after the start of school just for me.
Rules are subject to change so rules can be added, deleted or modified at any moment.

Originally Posted by Keramane View Post
Well, Megumi will prety much always follow rule #2. The ORIGINAL rule #2 =D
Megumi can do whatever she wants. Just because there are rules, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone will choose to obey every single one of them. Whether or not you choose to obey them is up to each of you.

Just remember that there will be people watching you...............and there will be consequences............

^^ Well, she'll have to be sure to be extra sneaky then.

Just to make people aware, the starting point of the game is Thursday 1st September 2011.

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