Game Related

Just to make people aware, the starting point of the game is Thursday 1st September 2011.

That's still 2 weeks away lol.

so the game is starting at the beginning of September, or school starts in game at the beginning of September?

September is over, fyi. He's talking about the in-game start.

Yes, that is correct. In game, that's the day you start school. Gives the game a more modern feel.

Sorry for my absence right now. I've been working on creating a character for Eclipse Phase, which I'm playing in at my local tabletop club. There's quite a lot to take in and the book could have been better designed in how they lay out their information. I'm constantly going backwards and forwards through the book.

Didn't realise that was there but I finished my first draft earlier and have submitted it to the GM via email to double check everything. It's the first time I've played the game and only the second time the GM has run it, the first being a test run for the rules.

remember to take fray and interface, some of my players forgot and we practically had to remake there characters.

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