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Random stuff!

So, who else applied? =D I'm assuming that everyone but me made their app in private threads or something.

Yours is the first application. Everyone else has just been asking questions but not actually submitted anything.

>_> Huh.... Then why is the AD down?

I'm guessing because there wasn't enough activity on the ad so it was removed after a lengthy time of inactivity because nobody posted anything there after a while.

Well, I reposted the ad. It does seem strange considering I specifically stated in the ad to close it on the 30th September.......

I'll be coming up with an application for a teacher I think. I came up with a concept image.

Gyoh hoh, someone's using a suggested manga-making thingy.

Then again, I went and used an image I saw based after a certain famous anime char >_>

Well considering I out and out bought ComiPo and am making a web manga with it, of course I am going to use it. Heck, I might even use it for RP purposes.

Wow glad I caught this before it slipped by looks like a great premise. I'll have the rest of the character fluff up tomorrow. I found this just before hitting the sack and now I'm already two hours late to bed because I really wanted to get the basics down.


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