I just looked at the entry for Kana Mishida while listening to a Miku Hatsune album. Freaky...

Well, considering the school council idea was motivated by Tenjho Tenge...........

In my perusing of Danbooru, I came across and thought of this game. I'm hoping I'm somewhere on the same page ^^ Cause I snagged a buncha school pictures n stuff.

This one also just seems to scream SoIP to me:

Also, this one is just neat ^^

And this one XD

You clearly spend more time perusing things than I do lol.

It's not easy to do things at work and when I get home, I don't always get the time I need to do things....

Last night once I was allowed to get in to my room (I have one chair and 2 computers in there because my parents don't have the space in their room and since my mother was doing work last night I had to wait a while until I was allowed to use the chair because her work was more important) I ended up spending my time quickly coming up with a character for Krimson's Darkwing Duck / Duck Tales Adventures.

My job is slack, my life is slack. If I'm not harassed at work, assume I get 8 hours of sleep, I can spend... 13 hours on the computer a day.

I average about 9.

Kera's Random Musing #1

Theme songs. I've been zipping about youtube, trying to get something that gets me immediately thinking of my character.

So far, I'm thinking of this one though it might be a little too high paced for Megumi... but I love it all the same. The acoustic guitar spoils it a bit for me... but what can you do?

Of course, I think of Doctor Who more than Megumi when I hear this, but that's because I lurve mah Docta~
the last incident of dissapperiance in the Bermuda Triangle was just before the moon landing. just found it interesting.

lol, the way I could interpret that. Ok, who wants the moon to land?


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