Out of the Water (Character)

Something better happen quick, otherwise now that we are in the open air I am fairly sure we have all the reason in the world to kill each other. She knows samurai are nearby that can help, and so do I. I am pretty sure my only survival route at this point is to drop her before we get to town.

As noted, if I kill you... it was an accident!

I do have to bring back a living breathing criminal after all unless you're willing to suggest that the warrant on you is a writ of execution.

Well, empty shiro is not a good sign for local imperial power.

A good part of being a Magistrate, I imagine, is knowing when you can get away with exerting full authority and when it'll just get you killed. This is probably where it'll just get me killed until I have a chance to privately chat with whoever is in charge.

So...I thought the first day might be a fluke, but if you're expecting everyone to continue posting as often as Amora and geekmasterflash, I'm beginning to get the feeling I should drop out before I get too involved - I'm on fairly often but I usually can't sit down and read and reply to everything in real time like they apparently can.

I apparently should have asked this earlier, but what are your expectations of our/my posting speed?

I don't think he has expectations of such activity it's just Geek's and my own posting times coincide rather nicely especially as I'm not reasonably doing things at 9 in the evening onward hehe... and I have a bad habit of staying up to silly hours.

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