Character Creation thoughts (ooc)

Character Creation thoughts (ooc)

SO what would people like to do?

That is a hard question to answer, seeing as the game description is sort of sparse. Clearly you want to keep much of the game details a secret, and I don't blame you but perhaps you could give us an idea as to what sort of characters would be suitable?

Heh well i wanted to get some places up for you guys to be chattery! more words comming up soon!

Sounds like a plan! ;D more information up in the creation thread!

Originally Posted by geekmasterflash View Post
Right now my rough idea is a Ronin bandit, Robin Hood/Goemon style.

GMF's character!

I'd be terrified of you if that was your character. <.<;

What sort of characters do you think would fit since you expressed a lacking of clan control in this. I assume even if you're a great clanner you're one of the backwater sort?


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