Character Creation thoughts (ooc)

Some one that would have had reason to not have been in a urban area. So no court born an bread characters. But even a Crane courtier sent to Minor Clan courts could qualify.

How you view things is pretty well to you, but I would prefer not "Duel at a moments notice" characters (honor 10 idealiests need not apply :P)

Pffft, you've seen me play my characters. You know I'm HARDLY an extremist of morality at heart... except when I want to be the straight forward too honorable for her own good matsu.

Any restricted materials for purposes of char gen? As I don't know which books you have.

I have GClans and Main book. I am willing to look into other options that I dont have direct access to as well!

Ronin sort of get the shaft when it comes to School Techniques. Any ideas on how not to play a completely underpowered mook? I am new to 4e, and never played 3e. Most of my books are 2e and d20.

Yes, ronin do, though they are likely to have some not directly systemic benifits here. They will be far more used to the lifestyle here.

That said, ronin saddly are ment to be underpowered, much like minor clans to great clans as well.

For a great melee'ing Bandit sort, I would sugest the forest killers, Tanking + dmg.
Beyond Robin Hoody, what arew you thinking for a concept?

Well, don't be blind for one, hah. But it's not hard to make a fairly effective character. I'm thinking of playing a Shinjo Bushi, however, I have another idea I'd like to clear with the GM first. Would you allow a Taoist Swordsman, from the Emerald Empire, to take the Friend of the Brotherhood advantage, even though they are bushi but described almost as monks? If so, I'd very much like to play one, and might play one anyway.

Another idea, though, is would you allow people to play a 'ronin' but using the Boar School, taught by some distant relative to the long dead Boar Clan who still continues to pass along the techniques. Juggling all the ideas right now.

However, in Enemies of the Empire, there are many more schools for later on as well.

The things that have my eye at current:

A Bayushi or Shosuro family magistrate

A mantis brawler

A kaiu smith

or... potentially a Sohei from the Brotherhood of the Spider. <.<;

So I present the question to you: which sounds more engaging and agreeable?


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