Character Creation thoughts (ooc)

A scorp magistrate could be interesting, though a fine line would have to be walked

The brotherhood of the spider would be a finer line if the other direction...

Brawler, could surely be interesting, but need some other bits for depth

Kaiu smith, would have plenty of depth

Of those, the one I would sugest the least is any one obvously of the Shadowlands sponsers. (Ie spider clan :P)

I'm inclined to the Magistrate as well... all things considered with Robin hood-styled Ronin running around!


Well yes that could be interesting to see you punch eachother within 5 min

"You are a persistent and unrelenting thorn in my side, Ronin-san, and one day I will remove that thorn."

Actualy, that would be quite interesting if you were previously related. Gives you a great point to have been in the middle of nowhere. One Running, one Chasing.

I am actually leaning towards the Tessen, forest killers come off as a bit too evil for my taste.

The concept is simple, Surotobi (my character) is gonna be an adrenaline junky. He wants to steal from the most well guarded castles, he wishes to cross blades with the best swordsman, he wishes to outfox the greatest ninja... not for some lord, but for his own pride alone. He gives his stolen plunder to the needy for three reasons, when you have helped feed a starving village that village is likely to help you hide from Imperial Law, Surotobi doesn't want the treasure he is stealing he just doesn't want the Clans to have them, and lastly he genuinely cares about the villagers he takes into his protection.

His motivation is revenge, and to make his mother proud. She was a Ronin who fought for the Tortoise, and his father was a Tortoise himself. When he found out his mother was with child he refused to pay her for her service to his clan and cast her out. This was after she was wounded in that service. Her wounds never healed correctly and she could not fight for money any longer. Homeless and alone she raised her child, who often had to care for her due to her wounded and sickly state, along with kind hearted villagers who would leave them food. She died when Sarutobi was 14, passing her blades to her son was her last act. Sarutobi made a vow that he would get every koku owed to her, with interest. Sarutobi wont stop until he's robbed even the Emperor blind.

Direct influences: Mugen (Samurai Champloo), Goemon (Historical/Japanese legend), Robin Hood (Historical/English legend),

Originally Posted by Amora View Post
T'would be, indeed. It's up to GMF, though, if he wants to go that direction lol.
Given good reason to work together, I find this to be a very attractive idea. Very Red Oni - Blue Oni.

I'll start sorting out a character background in a bit. I'll also need to put up the Magistrate rules for Sorak as they're in Emerald Empire.

Any thoughts on the concepts I threw up, GM? Also, interesting. I enjoy the Tessen. Remember, the way, that you can use the ronin abilities simply for mechanics and refluff, to avoid being associated with the group.


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