A light in the Darkness.

A light in the Darkness.

Water dripping in the distance was the first sound that any of you heard. Darkness was in all directions of you. What feels like a sleeping robe can be felt around you, and cool almost damp air. Its not cold, but cool is very much a word for it. Right now, its hard to get your mind out of the fog that seemed to consume everything. Not that you could see it, all there is around is darkness. Sounds are muffled but there are the sounds of others near by, likely in the same state as you, if the light groans you hear, and even make yourself...

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Each of you slowly come awake. There is only the faintest of echos of light to the room, or rather cave, you find yourself in. Hopefuly in your packs you have something that can provide you light... The light that there is is close to that of a star filled new moon night. You can hear the trickle and dripping of water near by, and feel the dampness on the stone beneith you. Where ever this was it was not the last place you remember being....

Sarutobi felt his head. This was not the first time he awoke in a strange place without any knowledge of how he got there.

"Hmm, if this is anything like last time... I owe a geisha house quite a bit of money."

He sat up, and began stretching his arms back and forth in an effort to crack his back. Lying down on stone cave floors was killer on your posture.

Finding standing up to either be too boring, or simply beneath his skills he rolled back from his sitting position and
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 4, 4, 10, 3 (Total = 21)
cartwheeled himself into a standing position.

He then cleaned his ears out with his pinky. Yup, that sounds like either rain or his cave has sprung a leak.

"Great, I am not only waking up hung over in a cave... the cave is second rate and leaky."

Sarutobi shrugs off his bad luck, and tries to find out where he is.

Rin's awakening was a rude one as she felt the steady drip of water slap against one of the central eyes of her ornate mask. The noise it produced countered pointed by groans and pained sounds as she rolled onto her side so she could push herself into a seated position. She tasted blood in her mouth which was enough to warrant concern and bring a jolt of awareness as one hand began to search over her person for her weapons...

All the while her eyes scanned about her, the brief thrill of panic crossing her thoughts as her eyes adjusted to the darkness.

In searching your person... there are no weapons, other then your clothing, you are almost
if you have a light providing source (Torch, candle, lamp/lantern) that is present, as are apparel you were wearing
without your gear Each of those in the chamber realise this in turn as they search themselves. The Darkness is all but pervasive. The faintest of outlines can be seen. Given time and looking hard, you can see that you are in side "rooms" off a larger cave.

Upon realizing his weapon is gone, Sarutobi get incensed.

"Hey! Who stole my sword. Come out here and fight me you son of a *****! I'll take you and your whole crew down." Sarutobi screamed to the walls, and no one in particular.

It was one thing to unceremoniously dump him in a cave. Quite another to steal his mother's sword. Heads would roll for this.

The voice echoed loudly about the cave. Making Sarutobi's own head hurt, let alone those around him... Apparently the stone was thick and dense.

The realization that she was without her no-dachi, her soul, and her honor produced an annoyed but near silent hiss as she forced aside any lingering pain in her mind and rose to her feet. With care she began to make her way towards a wall so that she might have a reference point, taking care in placing each step so that her armored boots would not click unduly upon the stone floor.

Her senses, lacking sight, seemed to hone out of instinct as she focused solely on hearing and touch. The nearby voices serving as at least something of an orientation point but she needed more information now before she could properly act.

The many eyed was certainly not smiling now, though. Especially as the bellowing of some idiot reverberated off the cave walls... that gave her pause as she recalled the voice with yet greater annoyance.

Dice Roll: 4d10e^3z
d10 Results: 9, 7, 8 (Total = 24)
Crafty: Stealth/Agility (24)
Dice Roll: 4d10e^2z
d10 Results: 7, 6 (Total = 13)
Investigation (13)

Rin moved carefuly, and quietly. That care found her to the lip of the side cavern she was in. The was about a two foot drop that could have proved nasty if she had been walking about blindly...well more blindly then she was.


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