A light in the Darkness.

(OOC: You edited the post since last I saw it.)

Sarutobi bowed respectfully to the child in acceptance of his offer, and unfurled his fan as if to cool himself. In reality he wanted a weapon handy in case the Magistrate started acting fishy.

Rin bowed slightly as befit the often pragmatic customs of the Scorpion, still it came across as respectful even as she straightened and shifted her daisho. Of course, such meant little when one was intimately aware of the devious woman's inclinations and determination to achieve her ends and fulfill her duty to the Clan of Secrets and her Bayushi masters.

With light clicks of armored boots upon the stone floor of the longhouse, the Scorpion stepped into the warmth and flickering light. Her sturdy silk kimono and armor dampened by the rain but not to the point of unseemliness.


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