A light in the Darkness.

Sarutobi frowns upon opening the box.

Someone is messing with us.

Sarutobi shrugs, and figures me might as well play along. Who ever put him down here stole is mother's sword. He will do everything he can to get it back... including dance to the tune of whichever piper is doing this.

Sarutobi returns to the wood pile, and starts a fire.

Since (as far as he can tell) neither of the two speakers is doing anything with the wood...or anything at all besides sniping at each for that matter, Chitter decides it's probably as safe as it's going to get and time to speak up. "Where's the wood?"

Dice Roll: 4d10e^2z
d10 Results: 10, 10, 9, 9 (Total = 38)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 4d10e^2
Original Dice: 4d10e^2
Perception/Hunting (38)

Sarutobi starts the fire like a boss.

"Right here."

Sarutobi looks around in the now lit cavern, and sees Rin hiding in the corner he just left and some horrible furry monster nearby him. Keeping his cool, he asks the furry monster "Is this your cave?"

Chitter stands up on his legs, letting out a small squeak as he smooths out his kimono and re-adjusts his haori. Pointedly looking at his questioner's dripping leg he asks, "Do I really look that much worse off than you?" He quickly shakes his head, "No, I only woke up shortly before you became...ah, agitated. I don't know anything about this place."

With the shadows banished and her efforts at stealth mute now, Rin merely crossed her arms and looked for signs of the bounty hunter she had been traveling with. She didn't wish to be the sole representative of imperial law among such company as this. It left her feeling vulnerable.

Sarutobi quirks an eyebrow, he doesn't recall insulting the beast. He shrugs and looks at his bleeding leg. Apparently that tumble in the puddle was worse than he thought.

"Sorry about the yelling, I woke up missing something important to me. Tends to put me in a foul mood."

Sarutobi bowed to pretentious thing, it was better dressed than he was.

"This one is Sarutobi, that one over there," he sneers and points to the general area where Rin was hiding before, "well I am sure she can introduce herself."

Sarutobi looks over the creature, it hasn't attacked him yet or seemed like it planned to. Which is more than he can say for some people. Sarutobi sits down near the fire and places his hand on his face, and gives a morose look to the thing.

"Any chance you can figure out the way out of here?"

"Shosuro Rin, Magistrate of the Scorpion Clan." the woman replied with a slight bow to the Nezumi with a slight turn of her head toward him. The many eyes of her mask hiding which were her true ones through strange and clever workmanship by some talented Artisan. She turned again then to keep the ronin in the corner of her eye, always wary and always aware. She hardly had changed since they had 'worked' together in the past... and just as lovely.

Water rolls down one side of the large caves walls, looking like it might be easy to collect and drink if needed. on the far side across from it are some shelves that are obvously man made. Each on their own shelf you can see all your gear carefully set. Daisho's and blades on stands, clothing cleaned and folded. The chute of a hole in the ceiling is off center, but not really near a wall. the main chamber your in is almost an oval, sixty feet by forty feet at its largest. 4 foot wide side chambers like the ones you left line the longer sides. Rubble clogs what might have once been a path out at each of the ends.

Sarutobi hasn't had a chance to see her this close for awhile. He can't help but to take a peek. He can not deny she was beautiful and that he desired her even now.

Months in the wilderness have driven men to desire trees. Sarutobi thought to himself, in an attempt to remember she was dangerous. Shame about her arm though, such beautiful skin to ruined by such an unsightly blemish.

Sarutobi smiled wickedly at her.

Glad you could join us, Rin-chan.

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