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Toliudar - "Addled Pete" - Beguiler [Character Background Missing]
Terran - "Countess Estellandrea" - Rogue
Rophic - "Tala Julnar" - Bard
JCBarnes - "Adressas" - Wizard
a_jabberwock - "Graven" - Cloistered Cleric
StyleX - "Anders Ostrikk" - Urban Ranger
Xigbar - "Rera TeRa" - Psychic Warrior
Methmite - "Gambit" - Beguiler [Background, Physical Description, Psychoses Missing]
Baruuk - "Hrodeth son of Halwen" - Barbarian
Zarae - "Zilvtree Jaelre" - Rogue
Channingman - "Jason" - Urban Ranger
Kurinitus - "Gadiver Grey" - Urban Ranger
Purity_Riot - "Mala Bermin" - Swashbuckler
Ryfte - "Kara 'Flea' Jarben" - Urban Ranger
EvilWalks - "Silence" - Soulknife
Zuriel - "Myzraeluk" - Beguiler
JoeDub - "Jirx Dinklepuss" - Rogue
Tuld - "Kethea Hlaeneldeth" - Spellthief
radiant song - "Celia Farrenheight" - Cleric
Phaedrus - "Aldous Klathrat" - Psion
Hallack - "Cypher" - Rogue
Kain Lupus - "Janus" - Monk
kcho - "Harriet the Beggar" - Ardent
SkyWindKicker - "James Ilphukiir" - Wizard
JodoKai - "Cyrus Val" - Soulknife
Gavinfoxx - "Cinder Rose" - Cloistered Cleric
Calrond - "Torian Bramblefoot" - Rogue
Aragorn - "Eisandrys Ossibys" - Ranger Fix
Aragorn - "Raina Tholi" - Priest
EvilWalks - "Kalindra Stoneheart" - Foot Knight
Tyoka - "Odehla" - Bard
MirddinEmris - "Hextor" - Enforcer [Story and Psychoses Missing, Can't Access Sheet]
Habsfan - "Elhainee Moonglow" - Healer
Voxanadu - "Kerdiwen" - Monk [Can't Access Sheet]

Another Aiden game! Marvellous.

Hmm. Let's see what the rolls suggest:
Dice Roll: 5d6v2 5d6v2 5d6v2 5d6v2 5d6v2 5d6v2
d6 Results: 4, 4, 4 (Total = 12)
d6 Results: 4, 3, 6 (Total = 13)
d6 Results: 4, 5, 4 (Total = 13)
d6 Results: 6, 5, 6 (Total = 17)
d6 Results: 3, 5, 6 (Total = 14)
d6 Results: 6, 5, 1 (Total = 12)

Edit: Sorry about missing the rolling thread.

Name: Addled Pete
Race: Sun Elf
Age: 212 (middle age)
Progression: Beguiler, shifting eventually to Shadow Adept
Occupation: Forger and worker of short cons.

Name:Countess Estellandrea
Race: Grey Elf
Age: 191
Starting Class: Rogue
Progression: Add Levels in Specialist Wizard (Transmuter) & Rogue

Occupation: Alchemist and Proprietor of an upscale
The small upscale store also sells minor trade goods bartered in trade
Alchemy Shop known as
(Peaceman is a play on the phrase Piece man, which in the thieves cant literally translates as "Trader of knowledge on where stolen property can be sold.")
Peacemans Apothecary and Trade Emporium
Party Role:

Character Description:
Character Psychoses:
Character Background:
Player Background:

Character Sheet:


Name: Tala Julnar

Race: Human
Class: Bard

Appearance: Fit and attractive with dark hair and eyes. Thin but muscular Tala is average in height and build.

Personality: Although she is out spoken Tala is rather introverted regarding her true feelings. Passionate in regard to music she can at times appear cold. Aside from a kind heart wherein she truly wants do what is commonly considered right. Tala is a moody woman subject to wild swings in emotion.

*** {Sing} will be her performance medium.

PGTfR = Luck of Heroes

*flaw -unreactive- {-6 to init}

Rophic: You have enough info, but you're missing the PgtF Bonus Feat, and your appropriate flaw.

Also, Perform (Music) is not a valid Perform type. Valid options are Act, Comedy, Dance, Keyboard Instruments, Oratory, Percussion Instruments, String Instruments, Wind Instruments, Sing (from SRD). If you select an instrument group, you'd have to pick up an instrument as well. Some of these are obviously less feasible in a stealthy environment, and I imagine this would be a complication a Bard would have to face.

A diplomatic bard with more of a focus to subversion may be a good choice, and given the levels you've pushed into Diplomacy and Gather Information, I would imagine this is partly what you're aiming for.

Also, you appear to have used Luis Royo art for your character, unless I'm mistaken. Just an observation.

EDIT: It appears you're going for an Ocarina and a Gitar (Guitar? Sitar?). Those are from two different instrument groups, so it would be two different skills. I don't fault you for wanting to use both, but I'd be cautious as at first level, you don't have a bunch of skill points to spare.

Name: Adressas (Work In Progress)


Name: Graven

Cloistered Cleric of Hecate with a possible aim toward Mystic Theurge

Work in Progress

DescriptionGraven is a cleric of Hecate (although he doesn't volunteer that information) who wears pauper monks robes and carries only simple items. He is obviously not a man of wealth or one with martial ability as he is thin and physically unassuming, but despite his lack of physical adeptness he has a certain charm. He is not unattractive, is well spoken and keeps himself fastidiously clean. He sports short dark red hair and well trimmed beard, fair skin and a squarish face with a prominent nose and full lips that keep good proportions.

BackgroundGraven was trained as a cleric of Hecate in Waterdeep and is in Scardale more than a year now to further his goddesses ambitions in the realms. To that end he has started a small aid station where those that are poor and in need can receive some healing and care at little or no cost. He is especially concerned with the well being of disadvantaged and orphan children, as he sees it as building a future set of followers. The Night Knives made a good fit for his specific station and mission and he has joined with them.

RoleGraven is a healer and information broker, he acts in a support role to those that do the "heavy lifting". He has some ability with plants and alchemical items, and is fairly well versed in local knowledge as well as knowledge in general. He also maintains a small number of children that spy on his behalf in return for coins and care.

PersonalityGraven is amicable and friendly, always willing to help on the surface a least. His reputation as an advocate for the downtrodden is important to him, and he does all he can to grow and protect that reputation. That being said he doesn't expect nothing in return. Those without coin who are helped successfully will owe him an equal favor in return. (Note that this doesn't apply to individuals of the Night Knives, but rather to civilians). He draws people in with kindness and then uses their needs against them if there is something he can get in return.

WIP, I came up with this while really tired, subject to tweaking :P

Name: Anders Ostrikk
Race: Halfling
Starting Class: Ranger (Urban)

Description: Anders scrapes a living in the poor districts of Scardale doing whatever deeds need doing - the majority involving death, as in this town someone seems to want someone dead most of the time. Anders is average height (for a halfling), with shoulder-length unruly blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He is fairly stocky, a result of an early life of working on his family's farm.

Party Role: Anders fills the much-needed role of scout and infiltrator, as his small size gives him an easier time moving and hiding out of sight.

Story: Anders was born to an impoverished family who owned nought but a small farm on the outskirts of the town. For years he toiled with the rest, just scraping enough to survive day by day. It was here that he grew to despise those with wealth and power - it angered him how so much was reserved for so few. He vowed, one day, to get his revenge on those with money and influence, blaming them for his poor childhood. As a child, his father trained him in the use of the bow in hopes that he might be able to join a mercenary company or an army - but Anders rejected this, wanting to carve his own path and not live to serve.

At the age of 20 he ran away from his family to seek fame in the town of Scardale, quickly finding that his talent with the bow was in great demand in the lower-class regions of the city, and now plans to use these talents to his advantage in his campaign against the nobility...

Edit: Will probably pull this app at at some point, not totally happy with the character in its current form...

Rea TeRa
Female What would be normally CG. Elan Psychic Warrior 1, Level 1, Init +2, HP 10/10, Speed 40ft. in light/no armor
AC 15, Touch 12, Flat-footed 13, Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +3, Base Attack Bonus 0
Unarmed +3 (1d3+3, 20/x2)
Dagger +3 (1d4+3, 19/20x2)
Studded Leather (+3 Armor, +2 Dex)
Abilities Str 16, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 17, Cha 9
Condition None

Rea can be an enforcer and a scout with her unusually quick movement.

Personality; Mostly quiet, but friendly if you get to know her/are having your pockets eyeballed by her.

Psychoses; Money and Medicine. Rea earns for herself, and steal for others she cares about, Yande in specific.

Physical Description: Rea is a 5'7'' Human in appearance, although is actually an Elan. She has Auburn hair and dark brown eyes. She has lean thin muscles, but is definitely not bulky. She wears a stern facial expression on her face, which, while holding a firm jaw line, is very soft and smooth, and she is fairly pretty. Her abrasive manner sometimes counteracts this. She wear her leather armor most of the time, and a loose fitting green shirt with sleeves reaching to her finger tips. She wears tight fitting black pants that fit to her form to ensure flexibility, and leather boots with soft padding to quieten her steps.

What would you like me to add to make this complete?

Finally finished up the statistics. I already have his backstory description etc etc worked out but I have to get to work on school stuff. So I'll post all that up later this weekend. He's done though, A Beguiler with a gambling problem.


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