Welcome to Oowarai Kawazoi

Welcome to Oowarai Kawazoi

You can hear some talking in the home. And are glad to be out of the rain as it picks up. People that were walking begin seeking out shelter. After
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only a little bit of time passing Risu comes back out.

"Grandfather is happy to see you, and would like to welcome you to his home. We are just in time if you would like to join his table. If you would rather not, he says he will delay dining to meet you in the front room. Which would you prefer?"

He asks as he led you into the home. Inside is reasonbly barren, but there is some wood craft seats and some other works handing from the walls. A fire in one edge of the room is inside the only stone worked part of the home, a fireplace. you can see through the fire into another room beyond. THe fire warms the room, slowly drying the clothing you are wearing.

"I would not wish to impose so uncivilly upon your grandfather. Thus I think I speak for all of us when I say it would be an honor to join your grandfather at his table this evening." the Scorpion woman replied smoothly, her voice seemingly silken as she glided about the sparse room with those clicks of an armored boot. All the while she was concisely aware of how out of place she was among these people. She must seem a sort of perturbing legend come to life, an embodiment of villainy and shady dealings suddenly appearing in the midst of them... The fear would certainly be helpful in achieving her ends when coupled with subtle misdirection.

Assuming she was correct, Risu led them passed the fire place into a dining room on the other side. A old man waited them on the other side. There were a few other people in the room ranging from one young adult to middle age and one other oldish looking woman. The man seemed to just be starting to show a hunching back.

"Greetings, and welcome to my home."

The mans voice is strong, even with his age.

"Many call me Grandfather here, but my name is Kawauso Iwama elder of this camp. I welcome you to my table."

He took a moment to introduce you to the
At the moment unimportant to who they are, and i am at work. I will get you folks the names later today
others at the table

Sarutobi bows respectfully to the old man.

"I thank you for the hospitality, Grandfarther Kawauso." Sarutobi considered the sparse accommodations, and then remembers that the nearby fortress is supposed to be empty. So who then, is keeping this man from having better things?

"Grandfather, what can you tell me of the bandits the child told us about?"

"Indeed, it is most kind of you to offer hospitality to we wayward travels. Kawauso-san." the Scorpion woman agreed with a polite bow to the man that suggested at least equal status in terms of respect. That small smile was upon her lips all the while as the bandit himself asked after others of his kind in the area. Behind her mask her mind worked carefully to recall what might be known about the man based on any symbols or heraldry that might be present... as well as if there might be some mention of him in her own intensive knowledge of the criminal underworld...

Dice Roll: 4d10e^3z
d10 Results: 2, 2, 5 (Total = 9)
Lore: Heraldry (9)
Dice Roll: 5d10e^3z
d10 Results: 5, 10, 6, 4 (Total = 25)
Lore: Underworld (25)

"There are a number, really the town above us would be able to help you more with that. They engage them more often then not. We down here attempt to follow a path of non-violence as often as we can walk it. And Iwama please, I seek out no honorifics."

He offered a smile, and gestured for every one to sit. He, unlike the others at the table didnt seem to startled by the Nezumi, all the others kept on glancing the furry creatures way.

"Please sit and eat while we talk, my father forgets these things some time" Offered the Older woman
Risu went around serving people rice and fish.

Iwama smiled at his daughter before returning to their guests in conversation.

"I am sure you have other questions to, like why and how you are here?"

Rin scoured her mind, but could not think of any family called the Kawauso, or anything like the man before them is talking about.

"Well, it is certainly fortunate that my travels have seemingly brought me here then. As it was my duty to weed out such criminal elements in Ryoko Owari and the various holdings of the Clan of Secrets." the Magistrate replied pleasantly as she seated herself at the table as she had been bade. Her posture remained comfortably fluid, as if she was ready to react to almost anything around her even as she politely set aside her weapons. Of course, she leaned back just so that her hands rested ever so near the blades in anticipation of some antic on the part of her prey.

"As to the why and how, I certainly can't answer the latter but the former is a matter easily addressed." Rin replied as she drifted into a suspenseful silence to allow the Grandfather to prompt her to speak. She wondered how her prey might squirm in that moment.

The Ratling relaxes, enjoying the lingering warmth from the fire which had finally dried his clothes and
wet rat smell in the foyer, yum!
fur. He nibbles at the fish served by Risu, restraining his hunger in order to maintain some sense of decorum. Here was a chance to get some explanations, and the Scorpion is still trying to play games? No wonder the Crab hated them. "I may have a different set of priorities than the Magistrate, but I would be honored honored if you could tell us what you know of how and why we came to be here, Iwama."

"The kami of this Valley see fit to bring travelers here, some times a few a year, but at least once an entire camp of bandits came at once. The caves where young Risu found you is one of the most common locations for people to wake up in. We try to check them at least once a week, putting fire wood and rations when we can in the chambers incase we miss new arivals. It seems the Valley has a purpose to whom it brings to our home."

He spoke as his apparent daughter offered all at the table hot tea.
Looking to Rin,
Dice Roll: 8d10e^4z
d10 Results: 10, 6, 9, 9, 2 (Total = 36)
his eyes went to the mons she wore (36)

"Is that a magistrates mon of your family? Scorpion Clan if I recall? It has been a long time since an outland Magistrate has been here."

"You are very astute in remembering the mon of the Soshi dojo, Iwama. Such duties are the reason I was upon the road in pursuit of certain troublesome individuals. Fortune has seen fit to place me rather close so that I might ensure that his criminal nature does not disrupt your community." Rin replied as her head turned to regard Sarutobi with almost casual ease, that little smile upon her lips as that
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 9, 9, 8 (Total = 26)
silken tone colored each word with meticulous care.


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