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"Well, first I would caution you to temper your training with the knowledge that you are in an unfamiliar place. There are a number of ronin, former bandits and roughshod people in the area. We do our best to uphold the imperial law, as we get updated on it from travelers."

The old man offered with a smile.

"What stands for a constabulary is run from the village above us. We watch our own down here, but for everything else they are responisable."

"Indeed but such individuals are former bandits as you said and thus have already paid for their prior transgressions in honest labor else I do not imagine they would be so readily defended. I would be equally remiss in disturbing the peace with my own actions in such a place. As I had said, though, I was in pursuit of a single individual at this point. It would be appreciated, however, if you might send a runner to request an audience with said constabulary." she replied with that same smooth tone that made her seem so innocuous despite the trappings of the scorpion about her person as she produced a thin scroll case from her travel pack that showed seals of her masters upon it.

Dice Roll: 5d10e^3z
d10 Results: 5, 8, 8 (Total = 21)
Courtier/Awareness (21)

"Of course, when the rains subside. Unless you feel it is urgent? It is a bit of a hazard to travel up the hills with the water comming down them."

The old man offered.

"They are good people, as best they can be. Those that do not fit eventualy either find their way out of the valleys mountains, join one of the bandit groups, or they join the forest."

"I am certain it can wait for the rain to subside as no doubt he is under as much risk as I would be in attempting the trip." the Magistrate replied casually with perfect composure. Behind her mask there were many considerations as she was well acquainted with the dare devil nature of the man. There would be issues but as long as her vigil was not interrupted by the village's inhabitants she would be fine.

"Join the forest is a peculiar phrasing. I would imagine there are spirits active there as well?"

"Well, I supose that is a fourth option, perhaps the worst fate that can happen here. As for joining the forest. Those that take disturbing the balance to far here... well the forst has its own way of dealing with them. Either the nature of the place gets to them, or the lurking dark spirits can use them as a host. Then we actualy have to act, lest they bring darkness to others."

Iwama took another sip of tea.

"There have been more active spirits of late then in many of the past years. It seems to wax and wane as the decades go by."

Sarutobi eyed the Magistrate dangerously, she meant to involve the locals in this. He is in no hurry to have a repeat of their last meeting.

When the rain stops, I hope you are ready to get that fine kimono muddy.

Sarutobi set his weapon's aside and enjoyed the meal the peasant prepared for him with thanks. "Do these spirits have a name?"

Rin merely smiled benignly to her prey as if she was doing no more than being a dutiful and loyal citizen of the Empire. The very institution he preyed upon and slew loyal servants of. The very institution that he made the subjects of miserable and without livelihood with some of his 'charitable' acts. Of course, perhaps her actions weren't so uncomplicated as just like she could not watch him endlessly, he could not watch her endlessly.

"Quite, do share some of the legends and thoughts upon such an odd occurrence. It is quite uncommon to find spirits so overt in the matters of this realm."

"Some have names, some lie about the names. I have never conversed with one m yself, but then I dont often leave this camp in any great distance. Those of my family that have gone to live at the village will proably be able to have more information if you wanted to look into that more. "

A few of the tables occupants looked discomforted by this line of conversation, the youngest of the adults at the tabled seemed more interested then discomforted.

"There are a few roving camps of some of these spirits. However I have come to think they all come from the Shiro in the lake. "

Chitter's tail has been twitching more and more restlessly as the conversation turns to spirits. His direct experiences with spirits have been invariably bad, and he has no wish to repeat them. But then, this is not the Shadowlands, and the kami apparently brought me here so hopefully something good will finally come of it. And if the spirits here are so active, it would be good to learn all I can about them. "What makes you think that the castle is home to the spirits? Even if it is empty, surely someone has visited there to find out for sure?"

"None of my family go there, rarely Adventuring bands go there. If they are lucky they make it back to shore. Bad things happen there... It is a bad place. The kami I speak with do not go there, nor those that my daughter does. I know of no good that has ever come from that isle soil. "

His words, unlike any others are almost harsh... Then he sighed

"I am sorry, I lost my son and law to that place, along with many others over the years..."


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