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"Speak with the spirits often, Grandfather?" Sarutobi gave the old man and his daughter are quizzical look. A family of shugenja perhaps?

"I suppose since no one else plans to ask, I will....what does any of this have to do with us? I assume the spirits bring people here for some purpose?"

Rin noted such a detail away with a slight bowing of her head at the mentions of the dead. There was little she could say that wouldn't sound indulging or simply patronizing and so she merely maintained her silence as befit a samurai-ko of the Scorpion. Of course, such silence hardly meant anything as she was no doubt still meticulously aware of her surroundings even if where she looked was hidden behind her ornate mask.

Though Sarutobi's questions certainly had merit and prompted a brief shift of her head.

"Yes, every day I speak with the kami. The spirits of the Vale, for good or ill do have a purpose. What that is though... it ternds to be that each has to find that answer for themselves. "

The sounds of running water enter the home. Even those in the room that have never heard the kami speak before can almost hear the water kami cheering and laughing as they dash about. Dancing across the roof is some of it, but somewhere near by torrents of water echo their roar through the home.

Sarutobi looks up at Grandfather.

"Sounds like they are saying something pretty important this very moment."

He eyes his nearby weapon, he may need it.

"Here the saying of when it rains it pours is often a truth. This to shall pass however, it may be up to a day but thats usualy as long as it lasts when its raining this hard. SOme times it will spinkle for a week or more. The downpours however are usualy far shorter."

The old man offered, he stood for a moment, walking to a window and looking out.

"It is good you were found today, most of the lowlands will be overrun with water today."

A single brow rose behind her mask as she continued to observe her Ronin prey. Her head only turned briefly to regard the Grandfather in consideration of his words. "It must be difficult to maintain contact with the rest of the empire with such wild weather beyond what visitors the Kami bring to this place." she mused in consideration, her mind working along multiple trains of thoughts as she considered where her protege might have been deposited or if he was simply hundreds of miles away back on the edges of Scorpion lands.

"It is true, travel between here and a far is rare. I for one have never been outside of this valley except to go up to the village a few times in my youth. On ocasion our young, or the bandits, do find there ways off into the world and away from the valley. But once they leave... they are gone to live another life."

Sarutobi finishes his meal, and the gives a sharp look to Grandfather.

"Are you saying that those who leave this valley never return?"

"The valley and the lands that suround it, yes. Obvously the village above us is not truely in the vale but most can travel freely back and forth from there."

THe old man replied with a smile.

"My grand daughter often goes to them to see if they need any medicinal assistance"

He gestured to a middle aged woman at the table.


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