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That was a strange notion but as long as there was a way to escape the vale was all the chance she would need to complete her duty to Lord and Clan. Hopefully with prisoner in tow or with proof of his demise. The former was ideal but the later had the advantage of a more comfortable and convenient symbol of the fulfilling of her duty to enforce the law. She filed that away too as she continued to pick at the offered meal with a careful dignity and pacing. "Very strange."

Sarutobi was immediately suspicious.

"If no one can return here.... how do you trade?"

Sarutobi had encountered magic only very rarely in his life. The more here hears about this place, the more he is convinced that something maligned is going on.

"Camps come and go, there are farms, and the village. We do not have many of the finer goods of Rokugan, but we make do. Also the ocasional trader with their goods find their way here as well. You can see just by looking around, we do not spend as much on decor as others might."

A gesture around the room and a smile.

Sarutobi eyed the Magistrate dangerously. This means they can not possibly pay their taxes. Sarutobi hoped the woman was not going to bring this issue up, but she is a Magistrate after all. Such petty things are always at the front of their thoughts.

Shosuro Rin had been known to be fanatical, underhanded, devious, deadly, and generally effective in the execution of her duties but she was hardly a stupid woman by any stretch of the logic. She had no Yoriki, little hope of reinforcement, and little idea of where she truly was in relation to her home and the holdings of the Scorpion. To go pursuing such things as taxes for a village that could only be visited once by a living soul was certainly outside the ken of her current thoughts. No, such things stirred more towards how far she could trust each of the villagers and how much difficulty they would present in her apprehension of Sarutobi.

She wondered how they might respond to a private listing of his numerous crimes...

"If nothing else you have most certainly done well for yourselves given the circumstances." Rin said politely as she finished and leaned back slightly so that her hands came to a rest near her blades.

"We make do, we make do. In the doing, I think makes us stronger in each person, and as a people."

He smiled, moving over to a counter and pulling out a reed woven flask, offering a small cup to each, and a serving of what ever was in his flask.

Sarutobi accepted the drink gratefully. Know that he knows he didn't wake up in the cave due to being in a drunken stupor... he plans to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

A pale green fluid comes from the flask, and pours into the ronins cup.

There was a murmured decline of the drink as the Magistrate knew with all that had occurred she would need every ounce of her wits to be at her full disposal. That and she and her twin had always been somewhat less fortified than others of their kin when it came to strong spirits.

Sarutobi considered the strange green color of the fluid for a moment.

Life sure is an adventure sometimes.

He downed it in one fast gulp.


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