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It was as if a lemon had been empowered by the kami and punched Sarutobi in the tongue. It was perhaps the sourist thing that you have ever experienced. JUst behind it is the subtle burn of alcohol, and then a warmness. The sour does not leave you for a few moments.

"We call it Greenberry"

"I call it Oni Spit. By the Fortunes, I've never tasted something so sour in my life."

Sarutobi explained, somehow not hiccuping once.

"It is a bit strong... A Unicorn came through years ago and after trying the berries, thought their sourness could be reigned in, and hence... this drink"

A smile as he took a sip for himself. Even under the wrinkes you see him wince at the drink.

Chitter follows the Scorpion's lead in declining the drink, although he's not entirely sure why. Is it somehow inappropriate for a samurai to accept this peasant's drink? Does Sarutobi just not care or does he know something I don't? There's always so much to remember. He mentally sighs, and continues to force himself to not make a mess of dinner.

After a few of his family accept, the rest decline his offered bottle he puts it away.

"Is there anything else you would like to talk about? Or if you would prefer I we could see to your lodging for the eve? The dryest option would simply be the front room here. We can offer you bed rolls that should do. If you would prefer your own rooms, I am sure my kin can see you to them, however they would be through the rain. "

Most of his other guests chuckle at this, knowing they will soon have to brave the downpour outside.

"But either way you decide, need not be an end of our conversations"

"The front room sounds most agreeable if you are providing a bed roll." the Scorpion woman said after a mere moments thought on the matter. A slight shift of her head suggested a glance to her ronin prey with the faint airs of taunting him with such a notion as proximity in sleep arrangements before making a second point. "Though if possible might I request after a screen for the purposes of changing." Rin explained with that same silken tone and composure that made such seem even more reasonable for a woman of her breeding and standing to request after.

"Thank you for the hospitality, but I think I will brave the rains."

Sarutobi smiles at the Scorpion she-devil.

"We have a woman's modesty to consider after all."

She inclined her head slightly in polite acceptance of the point. Of course, that meant he was sleeping in the rain... in a place with highly active kami and other spirits. So the likelihood of him sleeping proper certainly seemed slim which played slightly to her advantage. Naturally, though, she would be having words with the Grand father once he departed to arrange for a proper runner at first opportunity when the rain abated.

"You are far too kind, Sarutobi-san." she replied with hints of that shrewd smile once more touching her lips.

This certainly wouldn't be the first time Sarutobi has had to brave the rain overnight. He wouldn't dare spend a night in the same room as her. He would be torn between stabbing her in her sleep and oogling her. I should leave in the middle of night, storm be damned. She's lucky she is staying with such a nice old man, as Sarutobi momentarily entertained the idea of barricading the doors from the outside and setting the place on fire if the rains stopped.

Besides, there are bandits nearby. Perhaps he might find a friend willing to help.

"I am honored by your offer of a dry place to sleep tonight. As it happens, I already have a mat and blanket, so I will not need a bedroll." Chitter half-bows from his place at the table. He saw nothing wrong with spending the night in the same room as samurai of either sex - it worked for the Crab at the Wall after all.


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