Welcome to Oowarai Kawazoi

"Of course, Nurokai will be happy to host you in his home Sarutobi-san. It is the nearest place to here and will not require you to cross any of the runoff routes. Let him know and when ever your ready, he will take you."
A gesture and two of the women at the table stood and went to help get the front room ready.

"if I might ask, what were you doing before you joined us in our vale?"

Rin could only arch a brow behind her mask at the reiterated question. Of course, the answer was tucked comfortably into her obi in a scroll case marked by both her lord and a cooperative magistrate to allow her to hunt her prey abroad. The law could be wonderfully flexible in some regards which allowed her to act as she needed to bring justice to those most deserving of it.

With care she drew out the scroll case and set it within reach of the old man with a simple and graceful gesture suggesting he might read it.

"Such should explain my reasons and purposes admirably."

Sarutobi stepped out into the rain following the other villager to his home. He gathered his mother's sword and his fan before leaving.

"Your hospitality was most appreciated, Grandfather-san."

He would make his run when the moon was at zenith.

As Sarutobi steps outside, he realises just how bad the rain is. After about ten feet, your view is obstructed by the heavy rainfall. Going along side of the oldmans house is what had been a small stream, is now a river at least six feet across of fast flowing water. After a few breaths the young man beside Sarutobi gestured for the ronin to follow then dashed out into the torrential downpour.

At Iwama's question, Chitter lets out a low squeak. He had rather been hoping that his story would be forgotten about in favor of the two humans he had ended up with. He decides to tell the truth, if not all of it. "I was simply traveling, looking for work." After a short pause, by way of explanation he adds, "I lost my previous position along with my eye."


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