Of Water and Fog....

Of Water and Fog....

Each of you awake to the feeling of a rocking boat. The groan that you hear is not only your own, but at least one more on this boat. Around you, after about ten feet all you see is fog. Outside of the small boat that your on, all you see is water. It ripples and moves, you can even see a few fish beneath the waves. Cool foggy air rides across your face and back out into the water. Distance is hard to judge, but you can hear waves and even birds calls lost in the haze....

Kage opens his eyes. The last thing he remembered, he was tracking a band of goblins through Kuni lands, and then this. He looked around, water? I'm on a boat. In some strange body of water. He scratched his head and looked around for his yumi. "What foul magic is this?"

"It is my experience," the bounty hunter said with a groan, pushing himself up gently, "That magic is far less to blame for things than human ingenuity... or cruelty."

It took Kumabachi a moment to truly gather his bearings; a boat. He was never a fan of sailing, though his clan may be known for such things, he still knew some of the things about the sea. He looked about,
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eyes searching through the fog (18). His innate sense of directly allowed him to pick out north, for all the good it did, and he sorely hoped that Sasuke, the hawk, was with him. Seemingly, despite replying, he still hadn't grasped the concept of someone else aboard the vessel at all, or perhaps he had. He suspected, however, that if they were here and speaking as they were that they likely weren't the source of this present danger.

The hunter
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strained to remember the last thing before he'd blacked out, perhaps to gain a clue as to his current location, or at least why he was there.

"I don't remember going to sleep on a boat...." It was a strange thought to wake up with when thinking about the situation he was in, more common things would be "what the hell?!" or "By the Kami what happened!?!" But the man known as Akodo Renshi took it quite calmly. As long as one devoted thought and wits to a matter it would most likely be resolved quite easily.

Sitting up he took a look around him but found only fog. Honestly it felt like another bad joke from his fellow students in the Dojo.... Except the last thing he remembered was being on patrol, alone, in the Wilderness of the Lion lands. Far from any bodies of water. "Anyone else feels like... This is a bad joke? Three samurai was in a boat...." He left the sentence hanging and it was obvious he wasn't concerned about the situation.

The Wasp was able to figure out north as always. Though his hawk was less the pleased by not being able to see much of a distance at all. Also, the dense fog hung tohis wings. Sasuke stoon on the prow looking back at the samuari as they awoke. All of there gear was beside where they woke up, often poking into them making them a bit sore as they come to.

Even the most piecing eyes cant see beyond 15 feet.

Every one trys to get a flicker of memory as to what brough them to this stage. One moment they were somewhere else, then darkness, now they were here.

"How is it I know you are samurai?"
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Kumabachi queried, studying the pair for a moment (18). His friendly tone remained, though laced with clear distrust. Kumabachi did not dwell on that fact, his failing of both Bushido and the Code of the Wasp. He did not suspect these two were those who had set this up, nor did he suspect they were anything but what they claimed to be, but a hunter did not get complacent, as that was simply asking for trouble.

"You have a point, however; this sounds like the start to some bad story," the Tsuruchi said with a sigh. The Hornet, a title passed down from father to son, was not keen on dying in some boat in the middle of nowhere. Not with so much left to do. He searched the boat, attempting to get a handle on it, and try to figure out which direction, if any, the boat was drifting.

Renshi watched the Mantis for a moment without saying a word. "A comment like that would have landed you in a duel, had we been in any other situation." It was obvious that he didn't like being called upon to prove his station.

Water laps up to the side of the boat, but it sems to be mostly floating in place. Either that or it is so barely drifting it is hard to tell.

"The simple fact you threatened me with that would prove it well enough and I'd retract my statement, my friend," the Mantis replied with a smile, everything about him seeming to cheer up; clearly he was quite glad to be dealing with equals, almost strangely so. "I meant no offense by it, only mean to pursue my job, and you must admit a bit of wariness is warranted in this... peculiar situation."

"Rather than argue with each other about whether or not we are who we say we are, why don't we try finding the shore? While I'd love to spend the night with you both out here I'd much prefer to sleep on dry land." Kage says from his corner of the boat. He straps his weapons back on and gets out his grappling hook and rope. He listens hard to see if he can determine which way land is but if unsuccessful opts for north., he swings the grapple around his head and throws as far as he can.


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