Of Water and Fog....

The hook flys out into the air arking out of sight, than it was followed by a splash as almost all the rope had played out, a strong though took it far, but apparently not far enough. From the feel of the sinking hook, it apparently is some very deep water.

"No argument, no quarrel, simply attempting to gather information, friend. That said, it appears we are father from shore than that," he said with a slight frown, eying the tools they had. He paused as he spotted one of the samurai's weapons, a naginata. It took a moment for him to mull over it before he mustered it up to propose his idea.

"You weapon," he said, motioning for the long hafted weapon, "If you are willing, it could be used as a paddle."

Meanwhile, he dug into his pack, lighting up the lantern he'd brought in hopes of piercing the gloom of the fog.

Dice Roll: 5d10e^3r1z
d10 Results: 10, 8, 9, 4 (Total = 31)
Perception/Investigation (31)

~Perception/investigation rolls about 5 min after lantern is lit~

Kage reeled his grappling hook back in and looped the rope around his shoulder. After the lantern is lit he takes another look around.

Dice Roll: 4d10e^2-5
d10 Results: 7, 5 (Total = 7)
investigation/perception +5 TN Furokujin's Curse

All but a bit more then ten feet left to the rope before it hits the bottom of the water your in. THis gives you a pretty good idea that the depth here abouts is around thirty five feet of water.

Moments later an arrow arcs between and a bit above . Its only after its startling presence has passed that you notice it was trailing something. As it splashes into the water that a rope drops across your boat. the rope extends into the water where the arrow hit, and back into the fog the way the arrow came from. A muted sound comes from that direction, but its horidly indistinct and muffled by the oppressive fog.

"What the? That arrow must've come from land or another boat! I'm going to try pulling us in. Be ready for trouble." Kage grasps the rope and begins pulling them toward it's source.

The Mantis says nothing, though he does raise an eyebrow as the other samurai fumbles with the rope.
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 9, 8 (Total = 17)
He leaped up to grab at it, (17) and drag it back, tying it to their boat to secure it in the process and remaining silent the entire time; even here, he would not think to violate the courtesy of things, regardless of his crude he was usually. The last thing he needed was to offend anyone more than necessary for his job.

you pull in at least nearly 100' of rope, and in the twenty you see another light source, another ten and you see land. Back a bit from it is a young man at a tree with the rope tied off to it. His bow semi casualy at his side, he offered a wave.

The young man had on a brown kimono with a odd mon on it. The
Investigation checks to try to get a better view of it from a distance, if you have the hearldry you can try 2k2 will not get it
colors were of burnt orange and dark green and in a shape that does not obvously stand out as something people had seen. A short blade sat at his side and there was a spear against the tree.


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