Of Water and Fog....

You hear the sound of tension being released as Kage undraws his bow. He puts his yumi and arrow away but remains wary. He still isn't convinced this isn't some Shadowlands trap waiting to be sprung. He signals the man to lead the way while looking about for obvious signs of the Shadow.

+5 TN Furokujin's Curse:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 3, 5, 2 (Total = 5)
lore: shadowlands/intelligence

The fog, while thinner hear, does impare your ability to get any long ranged bearings to judge any coruption effects, but there is nothing nearby. The man doesnt have any overt signs that you recognize, nor do the near by lands.

The man you know little more then his name of leads you further up the trail.

"You should watch yourself," the Mantis said with a frown; eyes narrowing at the actions of the overly jumpy samurai, one who he was rapidly beginning to question. Was that any way to show hospitality? Courtesy? Far from it, not honorable in the least. What sort of man threatened someone without any preamble. In Kumabachi's experience, those who were paranoid had something to hide; he'd have to keep an eye on this man. He had not had much experience with the Crab, but he supposed he should not be surprised at their lack of courtesy. He was not expecting a flowery Crane, but some decorum must be attended to.

"It is my job to ferret out those who would violate the Emperor's peace. I can forgive you questioning my judgement in trusting the boy, as I questioned your status once as well, but I would ask you not to do it again," Kumabachi said, calmly, but with clear intent that he did not take kindly to the Crab's actions. What was more, he was not pleased that the man had threatened the only source of information they had. The hunter turned to the fisherman, bowing slightly, "I apologize for the offense; you've been more than helpful already. I suppose my... companion... is simply still disoriented; we are unsure of how we came to be here, and that shock must have unsettled him greatly for him to act so callously."

"Most are discomforted at the first days of their arival. At least you did not come in at the flooding caves or some of the less plesant starts."

He continued to walk as he talked

"It is true that are limited in the information we get from out and about. Guests are not a regular occurance, and plenty of places to go. Some I am sure never even meet any of the other residents here. We have found the bodies of some, sure we have missed others, and some make there own way."

[COLOR="DarkOrchid""]So what you're telling us is, what? That it's normal for people to wake up in boats drifting on the water around here? I feel this joke becoming more stretched by the minute."[/COLOR] His voice, tone and face showed that the Lion truly didn't believe a word of what the peasant told him.

"The story does seem a bit," he paused for a moment, considering his words, "Less then seaworthy, so to speak."

"On a boat here? No, that one is rather new to me. We have found people waking up on the shore, in caves, or a number of other locations. I am not sure how this boat even got here. I was going to send back one of my men for it. It seems to be well constructed."

He looked over his shoulder and back to them

"Besides, why would I offer such an elaborite ruse, should it be one, eh?"

"Well, unless my compatriots are far more famous than I, I've no clue, other than someone with an elaborate method to avoid being tracked down," Kumabachi said with a slight smile; inside, of course, he was far less pleased. This all sounded a bit off, and he was rapidly beginning to think whoever this boy was, and his people, he and, by extension, they were no members of the clans. He knew of no clan that used that mon, and those who wore unknown mon were usually a sort of folk he knew to be the worst sort of law-breakers.

Yes, in truth he was more than a bit suspicious about this situation. He had blacked out before, he could admit that much, but this seemed a bit odd, ragged edges of his memory worrying him more than he was letting on.

"Well, you are more then welcome to make your own way. Or, I can direct you towards my grandfathers camp, if you would prefer to go there. Above his camp you will find the lone village for the near by area. Though if you want to head to either of those, I would sugest haste, it will take most of the day to get there. That is if it doesnt rain, and it feels like it might."

"Well, I can't speak for others, but directions to the nearest settlement would be useful," the hunter said, cutting off any replies from the other samurai. He was going to find out where he was, and get out fast; blasted bandit was no doubt provinces away by now.


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