Nurokai's Residence

Nurokai's Residence

s Sarutobi steps outside, he realises just how bad the rain is. After about ten feet, your view is obstructed by the heavy rainfall. Going along side of the oldmans house is what had been a small stream, is now a river at least six feet across of fast flowing water. After a few breaths the young man beside Sarutobi gestured for the ronin to follow then dashed out into the torrential downpour.

Fortunatly the camp is small, and you are only drenched by the time you get under the shelter of his home. It is far smaller then Grandfathers, but it seems to have two stories, built around a tree.

"I have two rooms you can use, one closer to the fire, the other... a bit further away but theres no worry of smelling like smoke, which can happen if the winds pick up."

Sarutobi bows respectfully to the man.

"Before you welcome me into your home for the evening, I wish you to know that I am a wanted criminal. The Scorpion woman is likely explaining that to Grandfather-san right now. I will not hurt you, or steal anything. If you wish for me to leave now, I will."

"Grandfather welcomed you to his table, and asked that I host you... how could I not"

A small chuckle,

"What would my other option be? Give you over to the rain? Even the animals have found shelter by now. What have you done to have irked the Clans-woman so much that she would follow you even here?"

"I stole money from her lords and gave it to the peasants." Sarutobi said, quite surprised that Nurokai would seem so understanding.

"I am sorry to make you brave the rains, I just felt sleeping near here would likely end up with one of us dead by morning. Samurai don't clean their messes, and I am sure she would make Grandfather do it. I didn't wish to burden him so."

"I would not wish to make him cross. It would be Lible to make all around here rather upset. Even those that are most distant in the village above offer him grudging respect. He has been around longer then any of them have been alive after all."

A small chuckle.

Sarutobi was starting to like this place. Sounds like the villagers had some backbone after all.

"If it doesn't bother you, I would take the sleeping area near the fire." Sarutobi said, with a respectful bow.

"Of course, let me get you a bed roll"

A moment later he returned one one, offering it to the bandit.

"You will likely get along with many in the village. there is a high concentration of ronin blood amongst the people up there. I would say the top three 'bloodlines' if you will are Unicorn, Ronin, and Mantis, I think in about that order. We down here, I would guess have some tie with the Fox, if perhaps distantly."

His way of saying it seemed to imply Fox clan, rather then Kitsune family

Sarutobi didn't care to get into the man's ancestry. He accepted the bedroll and went to sleep. He hoped the rain would be over soon...

~time twiddles by, eventualy morning will come, will open new thread. Feel free to post any further conversation with your fellow clanless one here before you leave his home. he does offer you rice, but you are not required to post it if all you do is dine and dash! ^_~ ~

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