In the Headmans Hut

In the Headmans Hut

After dinner your offered an area to bed down, and bedding if you need it. one of the women offers to add any laundry you have to what they will be doing in the morning...

Chitter awkwardly declines the offer of laundry as he has no other garments to wear, and does not wish to be seen as uncivilized. What samurai would walk around without their kimono, after all? He attempts to deflect attention with conversation, "Shosuro-san, what sort of criminal were you in pursuit of before we wound up here?"

Without the added weight of her red and black armor and the padding beneath it, Shosuro Rin hardly seemed as intimidating. More she seemed a lithe young woman who by necessity affected such airs so that those she hunted might cooperate more readily. Such hardly removed that seemingly hard edge, though, that marked her as someone to be wary of just as she was wary of all those round her. Under certain definitions, after all, this entire village was a nest of criminals in the eyes of the law... there was just little she could do about it alone.

"I would suggest you ask Sarutobi-san but I know he would lie and paint his criminal enterprises in some manner to earn sympathy." she paused with a glance up from her daisho and nodachi, each blade partially drawn in preparation for some event that only made sense to her at a glance. "He is wanted in both Crane and Scorpion territories for the murder of at least 3 samurai, destruction of public property, grand theft, deadly assault, obstruction of the law and duties of it's servants, and multiple instances of unlawful travel through the Divine Empress' and Clans' territories." the Magistrate informed with careful recollection in each crime she ascribed to the man's name before ascribing a final statement upon the quality of his character.

"A most delusional and dangerous man."

While the Ratling isn't sure that he can take everything the Scorpion says at face value, the explanation does explain the palpable tension between the two samurai. "I appreciate your explanation." He nods in thanks as he absentmindedly unrolls his mat and blanket, setting aside the shovel and other small tools he kept stored inside of them while traveling.

"That explains why you were asking about local assistance, but is he really so dangerous as to keep you from attempting to apprehend him on your own? I would think that once we were out of the first cave you would have moved to take him then. What if he causes further trouble here with the local banditry?" I've always known that fighting Shadowland monsters was simpler, kill them before they kill you is the only real choice, but how can humans take such a straightforward situation and turn it on its head? Courtesy, yes, but don't duty and courage demand action?

"He destroyed and heavily damaged several of the docks in Kyuden Doji, killed or disabled a great many of the crew on the ship he had commandeered. Additionally, he murdered two members of the Daidoji family in their own homes and ultimately is responsible for the theft of an vast quantity of both taxes and personal wealth of various persons. I would think it fool hardy to confront him with anything less than overwhelming force. Further, custom dictates that I, at least, attempt to work with what local law enforcement elements there might be." the woman replied simply and a note of severity to her tone as she elaborated on some of his crimes, leaving out her own near death experience at the hands of one of his fellows in crime.

Her readiness for battle, as evidenced by the assorted semi drawn blades, spoke well of her readiness and some inclination towards initiative. If he attempted to escape and she was there and ready to intercept, she would not allow herself to be restrained by the wishes and desires of some backwater ronin who though himself a proper enforcer of the law.

His tail twitching with increasing intensity as she explained the situation further, Chitter lets out a short burst of clicks after Shosuro finishes her tale. "I apologize if I gave offense with my questions. Thank you for explaining the situation further. Human actions are not always easy for me to understand, though I try. I wish you luck in your endeavor."

"That is kind of you. Thus far my luck has been most foul in dealing with this criminal." Rin replied as she rose with an obvious bushi's grace to pace briefly. The act of recalling his past crimes as she had always brought about a greater degree of agitation than she anticipated. He needed to be brought down both for his flaunting for the law and his dangerous obsessions with giving his gains to the peasantry. Both were ultimately destructive actions and sowed lesser blames on otherwise innocent individuals. It was just they never seemed to realize this fact until they were faced with it...

Chitter just bobs his head, but no more questions come to mind at the moment so he remains silent. He merely watches her pace and go about her evening rituals. He laid out his armor to make sure that it would be completely dry come morning, but otherwise he had little else to do before bed. The only weapon he still possessed was his tanto, and it had not left its sheath in weeks. It was a rare occasion which called for its use, rather than his more utilitarian incisors.

~feel free to continue your conversations here until you go to "sleep"~

The older woman that was Grandfathers daughter came into the front room to join them.

"Greetings ah, Soshi-san was it?"

THe womans eyes flickered to your mon, trying to remember from teh night before.

"And Nezumi-san. Can I interest you in rice, broth, fish, or tea to break your fast? If there is something that we have to spare it is food, if not as much the other amenities of life."

She offered with a smile to the pair


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