In the Headmans Hut

Chitter bows to the woman at the offer of food. "Fish would be greatly appreciated." He perked up at the mention of plentiful stores. That alone would be a welcome enough change from life on the road.

He arches an eyebrow at Shosuro's insult of the Mantis and Crab samurai. That from a clan who all hide behind their masks. Beyond that, he merely kneels to relax and maintains a respectful silence, while trying to learn what he can from what the old woman says and what the Scorpion doesn't.

The woman disappeard for a moment, returning with tea, rice and smoked fish. The sensitive nose of the Nizume can keenly smell the scent of well smoked fish, likely done recently.

With equal grace the Shosuro glanced to the rat man with a slight questioning tilt of head. There was little love lost between Mantis, Crab, and Scorpion under most contexts. She would state what she thought of them as they were most certainly taxing upon one's senses for their boisterous natures... and they would no doubt return the same courtesy. Honesty in samurai was a refreshing thing and one easily put to her advantage.

The ratling merely returns Shosuro's glance... he thought she was perhaps too calm, albeit talkative, for a samurai anyways. What was wrong with the Crab's enthusiasm?, he thought to himself.

He eagerly turns his attention to the superbly cooked fish. It may be beneath his aspirations, but just at the moment he was sorely tempted to find out if he could simply sign on as some sort of magistrate in exchange for all the food he could eat.

Rin returned the stare for awhile yet, her mask hiding any hint of an expression or thought as it was meant to. It was unnerving especially as the eyes of her demon mask seemed to stare unflinchingly at him, never revealing which were her real pair despite logic telling one it was the bottom two. It certainly also helped to add to the sinister reputations of the scorpion clan.

Finally, when his attention turned to food she relented and settled herself at the table to partake. There were certain mannerisms, orders, and careful pacing to how Rin ate. Some born of practicalities and realities to the Scorpion Clan, others matters of tradition, and yet others simple etiquette of sharing a meal.

Finishing up breakfast with a relish, I thank our host graciously before turning to my samurai companion-of-the-moment, "Were you waiting on a runner Shosuro-san, or did you intend to meet with the constable yourself this morning.?"

"I was awaiting a runner to be proper about things but I am sure my prey has already made good on this window. The village has also proven singularly hostile in a passive manner to the prospects of me apprehending him as well." she replied calmly as she lightly cleaned her chopsticks and set them upon the dish in accord with meticulous tradition. Every step seeming one in a dance. "My tolerance for such delays will only go so far as to prevent provoking additional and unnecessary violence. I have a duty to survive, as well, so that I might be of continuing service to my lord."

The Nezumi nods in understanding of the fine line the magistrate was walking. "I am in no position to act as a runner, but is there perhaps something I could do to assist you in the meantime which would not be improper, since I am not samurai?"

Investigation(Notice) tn 20 to have heard him comming
Nearly with out a sound the old man known mostly as Grandfather joined them and spoke.

"The village is like as not to take his side on it, until actions prove otherwise. He has spoken as to at least seeing to the character of our local bandit bands... Do not fret to much, there is only so far he can run here. That is if you are sure you want to chase.How long have you taken of your path to follow his?"

Dice Roll: 5d10e^3z
d10 Results: 8, 7, 10, 6 (Total = 31)
Investigation + Wary (31)

"Two weeks ride out of Ryoko Owari. One of his men nearly slew me when I confronted him with my Yoriki in the governor's estate. An estate I witnessed first hand his plans to rob." she said without indication of surprise as she turned slightly to regard the Grandfather. She would most certainly pursue him as far as she needed to ensure he was brought to justice. One did not wrong two hands of the Empress and expect no reprisal.


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